World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Are you an introvert? 50% of the population tend to be, so there’s a good chance you are! Are you also someone who’s interested in starting up your own company, working with the product idea you’ve had for months to turn it into something marketable, and then make a profit off of the gap you’ve filled? But do you feel that’s something manageable for you? Well now’s the time for you to do your research about it.

Being your own boss is one thing, but starting a business and running a company is a completely different field to play, and the thought alone is probably intimidating you. But now’s the time for you to focus on what makes you an introvert, and how you can use that to your advantage. There’s so many resources out there for people like you to look into; build a business around you and your personality, that’s always going to make you feel comfortable enough to be the boss, with tips like the ones listed below.



Know Your Strengths


The best thing to do, first of all, is consider what you really can do, with minimal fuss, and little energy lost to it. Introverts like their hobbies to be diverse and interesting more than anything after all, and having to focus on the same thing day in and day out because your livelihood depends on it is one surefire way to get bored of something!


You want to always feel capable of what you’re doing, and make sure your perfectionist side is always sated. So think about your dream career, and do a bit of research over the qualities it requires. Do you fit the bill? Do you think you could adapt if you don’t fit the description wanted? Don’t waste your time if not; find something worthy of your talents.


Find the Right Insurance Company


If you don’t want to have to send out emails and make phone calls at least five times a day in search of someone who can get you the right coverage (it’s going to zap all of your energy after all), make sure you do your research first. And this is where the internet comes in and works some of it’s magic; there’s not many resources you have to waste on a Google search.


You’re going to want to look for some kind of independent agent to help you out here, and they can find you a good policy no matter the kind of business you’re running. Don’t let yourself depend on a stream of different people you’re going to have to chase up, as insurance is one of the most important aspects of business. Get it sorted and get it sorted right.


If you’re an introvert, make sure you dedicate some time to gathering the correct information!