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Is your small business spending more than it needs to? Or do you at least get the feeling that it is? Those are the kinds of instinctual feelings that you should listen to as an entrepreneur because they often serve you very well indeed. Spending more than you should is something that should always be taken seriously because it could potentially damage your business and land you in deep water if it carries on for too long.


However, there are lots of things that you can do to make sure that your business doesn’t carry on spending more than it should. Cutting costs can sound daunting and a lot like hard work, but it doesn’t really need to be. And any extra effort you do have to put in to make this happen will be massively rewarded when your business benefits and becomes more profitable as a result.


It’s time to look at some of these ideas in more depth. They’ll all help you to spend more money on your business while keeping it on the right track towards success. But remember that every small business out there is different, so it’s up to you to decide which ideas will work for you and which of them won’t at all.


Use Outsourcing Options


Outsourcing is one of those things that people can be wary of but there’s not really any need to be in 2018. Sure, there are bad outsourcing companies out there but there are plenty of great ones too. When you’re running a business, you can’t afford to hire a person for each little niche, so using affordable outsourcing services is a way to keep the quality high and the costs as low as they can. Definitely look into the applicable options and ask yourself whether your business could benefit from any of them in the long run.


Always Look to Negotiate


Whenever your business is in a position to buy something, you should be looking to negotiate it. This is how you get the best deals and advance the interests of your business. You don’t have to taken for a ride by suppliers and contractors. You’re the customer in this situation, so be knocking the price down and demanding the best possible rate, you will be able to cut your overheads quite dramatically over the course of an entire year. It’s always worth trying this, even if they end up saying no to your attempts at negotiation.


Encourage Your Staff to Reduce Waste


At the end of the day, it’s going to be your employees who are doing the day to day work and managing how resources are allocated and used. That means they’re going to be the ones most capable and best placed to reduce waste. If you’re able to convince them to adopt a new attitude to how they use materials and supplies, you might be able to dramatically reduce the amount of waste your business is responsible for on a weekly basis. And when you achieve that, you also make sure that your business isn’t spending more money than it needs to.


Consider Downsizing


Is your workplace really as compact and agile as it could be? For many business owners, there is a temptation to buy or rent a workplace that’s larger than it really needs to be. Everyone likes to pretend that their small business is bigger than it is, but if that mentality is causing you to waste money on premises that are far bigger than they need to be, it’s almost certainly the wrong approach from a spending point of view. By moving into a smaller and cheaper headquarters, you could really save a lot of money that could be put to use in better ways.


Assess Your Needs


Nothing matters more than your business’s needs, and many of the things people count as needs are not really needs at all. You need to be on top of that so you can avoid doing things and spending on things that are not really necessary to the success of your business. The assessment of your business’s present needs is something that should be done continually because those needs are always changing and in a state of flux. Nothing stays the same forever in the world of business, so why pay for things that you don’t really need anymore?


Make One Person in Charge of Purchasing


Having people who are directly accountable and responsible for certain things can make your business much more efficiency and easy to manage. If the spending of the business is carried out by many people all across the business, it can all get very messy. It then becomes hard for you to see where inefficiencies are and who’s responsible for spending excesses. But if you have one person in charge of overseeing all of these purchasing decisions, you will be able to make sure that you know who to go to when something is wrong.


Don’t Overlook Those Little Regular Expenses


There are plenty of things that you buy all the time, and it’s these little expenses that can so often be taken for granted. But just because you need to spend money on certain things regularly, that doesn’t mean you can’t save money on this stuff. For example, places Cartridge People can probably do you a better deal on your printing costs. There are always competitors out there looking to offer you something you need for cheaper, and that’s something you should be looking to take advantage of. Those small savings will all add up over time and become a big saving in the end.




Leverage Existing Customers When Looking for New Ones


Spending money on marketing and advertising can be very costly, and that’s why you should look to other more affordable and equally effective ways to reach new customers with your message. You just need to leverage the existing customers you already have. For example, you could set up a referral programme under which your customers are rewarded for introducing new people to your brand. Or you could ask for positive customer testimonies to post on your website. Both of these tactics are very effective at winning people over.


Conduct Brainstorming Sessions


Brainstorming sessions involve getting all of your creative people together in one room and sharing ideas. When you do this, you will find that you’re more likely to come up with helpful money saving ideas that are specific to your business. As already stated, your business is different to all of the others on the market, so you need to come up with ways to cut those costs internally. These brainstorming sessions will allow you to do that, so don’t just coast along comfortable because that’ll get you nowhere.


Stop Looking for the Magic Bullet Answer


It’s a complete myth that there’s one silver bullet solution out there when it come to reducing your business costs. Of course, those costs can be reduced if you’re able to go for it and put yourself out there to make it happen. But there’s not one easy solution that’s going to just fall into your lap. That’s simply not how any of this works, even if you might wish it was. So it’s probably best that you stop looking for this and instead focus on the actions that matter.


Spend More Time Making Hiring Decisions


It’s all too common for small business owners to rush through the hiring process. Sure, it can be tiresome and it can drag out for a long time, but those are things you have to put up with if you want to find the right people to work for your company. It will cut your overheads because you won’t end up having to pay people off or hire more people when you realise later down the line that you hired people who weren’t really up to the job at hand. By taking a little more care and spending more time on these decisions, you’ll make the right call more often.


Go Paperless


Finally, you should think about taking your business in the paperless direction. It might seem like an ambitious target right now, but with the amount of technology at the fingertips of every employee in your business, is there really any need for paper and ink? It’s a question that you should definitely be asking yourself right now because so many other businesses have already gone paperless in their workplaces, and you could save yourself an awful lot of money if you decide to do the same thing as them. It’s not to be dismissed, that’s for sure.




No small business has to put up with huge overheads. There are so many ways to cut back and run your business in a more careful and sustainable kind of way. It would be a mistake to let things go on as they are if you’re currently spending too much money. Change is possible, as all these ideas make clear.