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For as long as there have been businesses, there have been rules as to how those businesses should be run. If a businessperson were to ignore those rules, then the chances of their business succeeding would be slim to none. Obey the rules, and they would enjoy the best possible shot at making a success of their business idea.


However, many of these golden rules were established long before the internet was even a glimmer in Tim Berners-Lee’s eye. Do these established, oh-so-important, and vitally useful rules of business still apply to the online world? They do indeed; with a few tweaks, of course…


“Protect your premises.”


The idea of protecting your premises is key for businesses, and applies across a number of different aspects. Premises have to be secure, of course; that’s a fundamental. They also have to be safe; with experts like Aitken Aitken Cohn trial lawyers ready and willing to take cases that involve a member of the public being harmed at a business premises, health and safety management is crucial for all offline premises.


The online equivalent


Ensure that your business website is secure rather than your business premises themselves. Furthermore, protect your customers from experiencing injury (of a kind) by ensuring that your business is protected against data breaches rather than slips and falls.


“Capture foot traffic.”


For offline businesses, the need to capture foot traffic can be the difference between a business success and a failure. Businesses have to ensure that their premises look inviting, and that they are located in an advantageous area where passersby are likely to be interested in their company.


The online equivalent


You have to ensure that your website and social media channels look as modern, up-to-date, and inviting as possible. As for being located in an advantageous area, that translates well as being part of the right groups and ensuring that your name is seen by the right people— for example, by choosing the right influencers to work with.


“Make sure customers know you are there.”


Physical, offline businesses are only able to succeed if customers know where to find them. Foot traffic can only play a role in this, but there also has to be a concerted effort to draw the right customers to a business. For offline companies, established methods of raising awareness of their company include leafleting and mailshots.


The online equivalent


Advertising and marketing are vital online of course, and many businesses have adapted well to the need to work hard on digital and social media marketing. However, the best comparison to this offline rule is search engine optimisation. With excellent SEO in place, you can be sure that your potential customers will always be able to find you,


In conclusion


The golden rules of business still exist in the new online sphere. If you truly want to ensure that your business is able to succeed, then paying close attention to these areas is vital, and could help to deliver the business growth that you are striving for.