World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

There has never been a time more advantageous for people of all backgrounds to get into politics than now. Maybe it’s because of the latest occurrences and scandals in politics that has more people glued to their television and smartphone screens than ever, watching it all play out. On the other hand, it’s the fact that millennials and even younger women are now getting confidently involved in politics at every level. A majority of women voted for the Republican candidate this General Election which proves that it’s not a game of ‘do you look like me’ that women care about. So if you’re a young woman or have a daughter that has conversations with you about making a job in politics their career, there are some helpful tips you can impart on them.



Transcend your biology


Time and time again we see that voters do not care about a candidate’s gender, race or class background. What women should understand is that they need to rise above their gender and present themselves as a human being first. Psychologically, if you present yourself as a woman candidate and extend your voice on a platform that capitalizes on your gender, that cuts off the other half of the population. Surely you want to bring people together to hear your message and not give one group preferential treatment over the other?


Connecting with real people


What matters most to you as a voter? If you really think long and hard about it, the number one priority of a nation is to be economically prosperous. If you don’t have a stable job that pays well and a government that supports you as an employee just as much as a small business owner, then why would you bother to give them your vote? A candidate that expresses concern about the average joe and their business is always going to connect with a reality that some politicians can’t. Like Michele Reagan facebook page, for instance, the posts regularly explain what she is doing to help entrepreneurs and family business owners in detail. She explains where she is and what kind of meeting she’s attending and having with local people. Don’t be a recluse and only meet with people for a photo opportunity. A great candidate will live and breath helping their local community.


Start off slow


Rather than jumping into the deep end of the pool, women who want to work in politics should start off just like in any other profession. Starting off as a junior advisor is a great way to get in close with the people that make the decisions. After going to college and gaining a degree, you can put that knowledge to use by informing people that are in positions of power. Politicians don’t know everything so gaining their ear and talking to them about your concerns while helping them to fulfil manifesto pledges gets your foot on the ladder.  


Women should never discount their abilities in the world of politics. All too often there are women that try to play their gender into the politics which turns a lot of people off. Be you and present your ideas to the public and they will always look past your gender.