World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Today, I want to talk about the idea of working from home and building your own home office. You might do this by converting your garage into an office area, or maybe even adding an extension to your home. Either way, here are three interesting things to include in your new home office:

A Separate Internet Connection

It’s highly recommended that you set up a separate internet connection in your home office. This lets you operate on maximum broadband speed without anyone else using the same connection. Otherwise, you end up with other people in your house streaming videos of playing online games, which slows down your internet speeds. When you’re trying to work, you need the speed to be as fast as can be, so you don’t slow down and become unproductive. The good news is, you can often claim back your internet bill as a tax-deductible expense if you only use it for work. When there’s a new connection set up specifically for your home office, it’s easy to prove that you only use it for work purposes!

An Ensuite Shower/Bathroom Area

For me, having a bathroom with a shower is an excellent idea when building an office at home. There is one key reason for this; to prevent distractions and wasting time. If your shower is in your home office area, then you can go to it in the morning without worrying about other family members that need to wash as well. They use the main one, you use your one; simple. Plus, designing a bathroom/shower is a great way to de-stress and have fun. As you can see only at, there are lots of different shower door options available for you to try out, and there are lots of different designs you can go with too. This whole idea of a shower in your home office area is to completely separate you from the rest of your home. It keeps business in one place so you can remain tuned in from the moment you enter it.

A Small Kitchen Area

Similarly to the bathroom idea, having a small kitchen area in your office prevents the need for distractions when working. If you feel like having some coffee, you can make it right there in your office space. If you didn’t do this, you’d have to go into your main kitchen, which might mean getting distracted by other family members. Again, it’s this idea of ensuring your business stays separate from the other part of your life. This is something most people struggle with when they work from home, and having things like a small kitchen area and bathroom in your home office can help keep things apart. When your working day is done, then you can move back into your house and enjoy your personal life free from work!


These three things help you stay productive in your home office and keep work and personal life from being intertwined. It’s like you’re trying to create the feeling of an actual office that’s separate from your home, but with the benefit of not needing to commute to go to work!