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You have a voice and you want to be heard over the noise of extroverts? Do you want to show that you are a subject matter expert? Looking for another way to grow your audience? You’ve been thinking about starting a podcast to share your content but you don’t know where to start? You’re stuck in the research phase and overwhelmed by all the moving pieces?

Whether you are employed or have your own business as a fellow introvert, I can help you create a strategy, find your voice, and be  heard.

The key to success is a customized plan


There is so much information out there about podcasting and I understand how overwhelming it can be. That you just want to make sure everything is perfect and you don’t miss anything. I know how great it would have been if I had a helping hand myself when I first started. I want to be there to help you get your podcast ready from an idea you think no one wants to hear about, to a published product that lets your voice be heard and grow your business.

Step by step support to prevent overwhelm while launching a podcast or writing a book

Who am I, and why do you care?

I am that introvert who until a few years ago would never have imagined leaving her corporate job and only to end up up supporting other amazing and creative introverts.

It started off with giving workshops on networking for introverts which went surprisingly well. I then  got into webinars, and speaking at various events on  introvert related topics. This eventually led me to also write a couple of books and launch my own podcast.

I have seen so many people fail to launch their podcasts due to feeling overwhelmed or not having a strategy that works well for them. I know what you have to put out to the world is valuable and I want to help you do that in a way that works for you. Not all introverts are the same.

Book an appointment today so we can reduce the overwhelm of starting a podcast or writing a book and guide you in a way that is unique to your needs.

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It is with pleasure that I recommend Janice Chaka. Most recently I needed help with a writing assignment and speech. I found Janice’s coaching and feedback thorough, multi-dimensional and timely. Her consultations left me feeling polished and confident in the work product. Janice is a thoughtful and creative professional and I would love to work with her again.
The Career Introvert – I loved our strategy call, her points were clear and straight to the point. She listened and suggested things that I haven’t even thought of. As a fellow introvert it is great to finally talk to a coach who doesn’t think I am broken for being an introvert
Janice is one of the people that have made a BIG difference in my career. In the early years, I didn’t know how to approach conversations about promotions and salaries. Janice explained to me this is normal, encouraged me to speak up and recommended me a book (Lean In) that helped me have these conversations. Thanks to that, I got promoted a month after and her advice has helped me throughout my career to apply for higher roles and ultimately earn more money. Her clear and concise advice has helped me to be brave and have the kind of difficult conversations that have gotten me where I am today