You can't be rewarded if you don't get noticed!

I help my clients build a brand that leads to more career and business opportunities. I will go more in depth about the process on our introduction call but here is a rough overview if you decide to invest in creating a strategy for your success:

Together we start with your story and a goal

We determine the best way to position you online in your industry.

Starting with a personal branding session. Then we develop a custom strategy using either podcasting, publishing or public speaking so you can stand out from the competition in your field and achieve your goal.

A visibility strategy for social media that is tailored to your introversion and takes account of everything else in your life that requires your energy and input

A list of content types and ideas that suit your natural strengths so that content creation is exciting and fun instead of exhausting


Your Amplify Road map

After completing an online audit. You will get everything you need to plan, produce and promote your vision and insights as a subject matter expert.

Practical and simple techniques for keeping your energy levels and enthusiasm topped up, so that visibility burnout becomes a thing of the past

Step by step instructions with timing and cost estimations built in.

Strategy sessions are 90 mins and $549

Then you have a choice.

DIY with the step by step plan I give you

Work together to get results

Start getting the opportunities you deserve, today!

Get Rewarded!


Speaking Gigs

Other Opportunties