World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

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No one should have to feel it is a struggle to get their voice heard

Together we start with your story and a goal

What you get:

Three 90 min calls

Step by step personal support on what you need to get your content out. Including workbooks and checklists. So you have clarity on what to do

A visibility strategy for social media that is tailored to your introversion and takes account of everything else in your life that requires your energy and input

A list of content types and ideas that suit your natural strengths so that content creation is exciting and fun instead of exhausting

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Your Amplify Road map

You will get everything you need to plan, produce and promote your vision and insights as a subject matter expert.

Practical and simple techniques for keeping your energy levels and enthusiasm topped up, so that visibility burnout becomes a thing of the past

Step by step instructions with timing and cost estimations built in.

Package includes three 90 min sessions for just $749

Janice knows the ins and outs of podcasting, from setup to launch to promo. Her insights got me organized and saved me a TON of time. Now instead of being frustrated with doing a podcast, I’m a confident host. Thanks, Janice!
Janice Chaka is my secret weapon in the world of podcasting. There is a lot of noise out there in podcasting debates on microphones, intro sequences, platforms, but she cuts through the fluff to craft a strategy that fits your goals, needs, and personality.
I learned the importance of knowing all of my processes. Templating what I can of the processes. Getting clarity on how to measure my KPI and how I can wrap everything together with my Social Media and my Podcasts. Getting clarity on my WHY and where I see my podcast going. You are amazing and full of so many ideas!

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