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Whatever industry you’re in or what kind of business you run, customer service should be something that you take very seriously. The service that you provide to your customers or your clients is a big part of what will secure you their return business, their confidence, and their loyalty. If you want to up your customer service game, try these tips

Give Your Customer Service Team The Right Tools

Your team can’t help anyone if they don’t have to tools that they need. You need to have a good system in place to handle your customer information and communication. A CMS system should make it easy to find any details your customer support team needs, such as accessing past order details, without any delays. You also need to make sure it’s easy for customers to get in contact with you. Offer a few options, so people can choose what they prefer, such as a customer hotline, email, or a live webchat. A chatbot can help answer FAQs and to direct questions to the right people. Visit click4assistance to learn more about webchat. 

Practice Clear Communication

Tone is important when you speak to customers. Your customer service team should be friendly, approachable, and professional. Make sure they don’t confuse customers with slang or technical jargon. 

Avoid using the classic customer service platitudes that people find annoying too. For example, instead of telling a customer that their call is being transferred but their call is important to you, tell them clearly exactly who you are putting them through too and why. This shows the customer that you aren’t just trying to fob them off on someone else, but are helping them reach the best person to help them. 

Use Positive Language

Positive language is a good way to avoid conflicts through miscommunication and can help to pacify an irritated customer. Try to put a positive spin on everything. For example, if a customer wants to order something that is out of stock, rather than tell them that you can’t ship the item to them until next month and apologising for the delay, tell them that the item they want will be available next month and you will place a preorder so it will be shipped to them as soon as it comes in. You’re relaying the same information in a much more positive way. 

Take Complaints Seriously

There’s nothing more irritating than feeling as though you’re being ignored when you complain about something. While some complaints may be unjustified, they often are and can contain very valuable feedback if you take them seriously. When a customer complains, acknowledge their issue, and problem-solve to reach a solution that works for both of you. Pay attention to any complaints that you get more than once and see what you can change in your business to prevent you from getting them again. 

Don’t be tempted to just brush off complaints, as you could be losing out on a surprisingly helpful resource.