World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Are you stuck in a job you don’t like much, or do you feel undervalued somehow? It may be down to your introverted personality, attempting to work in a position that isn’t best suited to your skillset. This is a very common situation, and you’re not alone; the key to changing your working life for the better is to understand your genuine strengths and find a job that requires them. It sounds simple – and it is. 

Take a personality test 

If you’re thinking about switching careers, you want to make sure that you’re choosing a line of work that supports your strengths, one in which you are likely to thrive. To achieve this, you need to start with your core personality. Even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, we all have one, and chances are your unique personality will contain the ingredients perfect for a successful new career. There are many online personality tests you can take, mostly they are based on the Myres-Briggs criteria. 

Learn something new 

Even if you aren’t sure exactly what line of work you want to go into, it’s worth making a little effort anyway. Most jobs these days will require transferable skills and these can be gained through online courses and out of work training. One excellent idea is obtaining teacher certification that will qualify you to work as a teacher, but will offer you a wide range of transferable skills for any future profession. 

Take your time 

Everyone has an off day at work from time to time, so it’s worth reflecting on if you want to change your careers or if you just had a bad day. But if you have decided fundamentally that you wish to change your career, it’s still worth waiting. You want to make sure that when you make the switch, your new job is the best fit for your personality. You will only make the right choice if you take enough time to do the research and check it feels right.  

Understand your strengths 

Introverts and extroverts have got different strengths and weaknesses. Suppose your introverted personality is causing you to feel undervalued in the workplace. It’s time to re-evaluate the workplace since you will have a lot to offer in another role – perhaps even within the same company. Take a personality test such as the Myres-Briggs, and consider what talents and passions you have. Brainstorm a little in a relaxed situation and find your genuine strengths and how they can be applied to your work.  

Embrace your passion

The key to finding your perfect career is understanding that transferable skills are the way you make an impact in the workplace. If you’re a talented painter, you have patience and attention to detail; if you love the internet, you might have strong administration skills; as a writer, you might have a strong marketing brain, as you’re able to conceptualize ideas easily. Whatever your interest or passion, it contains the skills you need to find your perfect career.