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Retaining employees is a challenge faced by many business owners. High staff turnover is a significant drain on resources and can impact on the quality of products and services that your company provides. Reliable, hard-working employees are an essential asset for any business, so once you find the right team, it is wise to try and keep hold of them.

As every recruitment manager knows only too well, the hiring process can be both costly and time-consuming. Finding ways to attract and then retain the best staff is essential to keep your business operating efficiently and with the required number of skilled employees. 

For managers of teams that work remotely, there are unique challenges involved when keeping your employees happy. It is all too easy to assume that your employees are okay and satisfied with their job when you don’t see them in person. Being in separate locations can make it hard to gauge employee satisfaction, which makes people management more difficult. If you have a team of remote workers, here are some tips to help you boost your employee retention rates and ensure employee satisfaction:

Keep In Touch

Working from home can be isolating and suits some people more than others. Working alone in a separate location can make employees feel detached from the team, and at worse like they have been forgotten. If your team does not hear from you regularly, they may feel undervalued and dissatisfied with their job. Don’t forget to schedule in one to one sessions over a video call so that your employee can discuss any issues they have.

Touching base with your employees, even to drop them an email at the end of a long week to wish them a good weekend, is vital for employee engagement, and to prevent them from becoming disillusioned with your organization.

Ongoing Training

Just because team members are not based in the office, doesn’t mean that they don’t have ambitions for promotion. Encouraging your employees to grow their careers within your business is an excellent way to boost employee retention.  

Providing your employees with ongoing training will keep their skills up to date and increase their knowledge; both of which will benefit your business. Distance is going to be an issue for training your employees when they are at different locations. To overcome this issue, it is wise to begin using cloud-based training that employees can complete from home. Nowadays, there are some excellent cloud-based training platforms available, so why not check out reviews such as Mindflash LMS Reviews to make an informed decision on the best training platform for your organization.

Say Thank You

They may be just two small words, but saying ‘thank you’ can mean a lot to your employees. Acknowledging their efforts and hard work will help them to feel valued by your business, and more likely to continue to work hard in the future. It is incredible how much of a difference just a little appreciation can make to an employee’s morale.