World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Night shifts can often be seen as difficult, troublesome and bad for your inner clock. Waking up in the afternoon or evening and going to work when the sun is down might seem like a strange career decision, but it’s actually something that many introverts enjoy.

You interact with fewer people

Even if you’re taking a night shift in a busy environment such as a hospital, you typically interact with fewer people because most of the world is actually asleep. Of course, when you do interact with someone, it’s often a lot more involved because you’re the only person around in most cases. However, the average number of people that you have to speak with is considerably lower.

You get more freedom

Since you’re going to be working during the hours where most people are asleep, you actually avoid a lot of the problematic things that most people encounter with a regular day job. For instance, you won’t need to deal with crowded public transport or heavy traffic ever again. You also tend to get a bit more freedom at work, especially if it’s something like a security job at a front desk.

We’ve included a fantastic infographic that will teach you some tips on how to survive long hours and night shifts. It’s full of fantastic advice on how you can cope with long hours and night shifts. While it’s specific to nursing, we believe that there is plenty of excellent information here for anyone.

Infographic by: Bradley University