World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Are you considering starting a home-based business? 


We wish you success if so, whether you are beginning something as a side-hustle to boost your income, or be it a full-time endeavor that might one day grow into something that grants you a small fortune. 


However, to ensure your chances of success with your home business, there are a few myths that we need to bring to your attention. Take a look below, and guard yourself against them on your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Myth #1: You will have more free time


Not having to work the 9-5 hours of a regular job, and with no commute to consider, you might well fall for this myth. However, the truth is a little different. While you can set your own schedule, you might still find yourself with less time than you thought. You see, not only will you have the core tasks of your business to manage, but your to-do list will also consist of marketing, accounting, and a range of other responsibilities that come with running a business.


Now, you can free up some of your time. As we discussed here,, there are some tasks that you can and perhaps should outsource. You might also consider taking on an employee part-time. However, you might still have to suffer the occasional long nights and early mornings if you want to grow your business, so never assume that running your own business is one way to reclaim more free time in your life.

Myth #2: You have nobody to answer to but yourself


Okay, so when running your own business, you don’t have an employer. However, don’t assume you aren’t answerable to anybody. In many ways, you have more people to answer to than as a regular employee, and these include your customers, clients, and your investors. If you don’t put the work in, perhaps on days when you just can’t be bothered to lift yourself off the sofa, you might incur the frustration of those people we mentioned.


You should take time off when you need to, of course. You don’t want to burn yourself out. But don’t underestimate the people who depend on your business. With deadlines to meet and queries to reply too, you need to treat these people with the respect they deserve, as they might eventually lose trust in you if you don’t.

Myth #3: Hackers don’t care about home-based businesses


Okay, so hackers do attack big businesses on a regular basis. Sony, Yahoo, and Target are just a few of the larger businesses that have been targetted in recent years. And after hearing about such hacking attempts, you might assume that your business is safe. After all, what would anybody have to gain by attacking little old you? 


Here’s the thing about hackers; everybody is their target. While they have more to gain financially when attacking larger companies, it is important to know that small businesses do  get hacked too. As discussed at, hackers will attack smaller businesses because they have less security than larger enterprises. Not only will they attempt to steal your financial information, but they will steal that of your customers too. Hackers might also attempt to blackmail you once they have gained access to your computer systems. 


To protect yourself, you should work with an established IT consulting firm. With the services offered by, as an example, you will be able to safeguard your computer systems. You should also use your common sense, so be sure to password everything with hard-to-decipher codes, and update your antivirus packages on a regular basis. These preemptive measures will make life much harder for any prospective hackers. 

So, don’t fall for these common myths. By understanding them now, you will safeguard your business, and be prepared for the steps you need to take to ensure success.


Thanks for reading, and good luck with your business!