World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

You have your business plan in your hand, and you’ve sat down with the bank – it’s all going brilliantly. Your cash flow plan makes perfect sense to them, your marketing plan is well constructed, your business plan is fabulous too. You finally have that business account open and ready for funding. The day of the funding appointment arrives, they shake your hand and offer you the cash injection you need. In fact, you walk away, and your feet barely touch the ground.


Once home, you come crashing back down to earth – it is time to make some decisions that will shape your whole business. You likely did some significant research on how much things would cost, you maybe overestimate to be on the safe side. But where are the places you should spend out first?


Website. One of the first places will search for your company is online. And, while there is much to be said for having a simple Facebook page, having a stand-alone space where people can find information and your products or services is recommended. Alongside the website you should look to hire an IT support to match your area, for example, if you work in the healthcare sector, you should employ IT Services for Healthcare.


Marketing materials. If you are heading out and doing some oldfashioned ( but very effective) guerrilla marketing, then make sure you have invested in some great flyers. Your branding will have been designed long ago, and it’s ready to get printed. If you are going to be going to trade shows, and networking events then make sure you have plenty of business cards, some tabletop brochures and booking forms all with your branding.


Automated platform services. It doesn’t matter if you are doing your own social media, or if you are hiring someone else to take care of it. Make the job easier and invest some cash in a scheduling platform like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or Buffer. Why? Well, you can schedule in content for all of the festive periods, and plan in a campaign for each of your sales or new product releases. Then, keep the day to day conversation fresh. This of this like your secret weapon. Not only will it save you time, which is worth its weight in gold, but it means you can take a break if you need it and everything will keep ticking over. You’ll also be able to keep track of the campaigns and what is or is not working.


Kit yourself out – a new suit for those all important meetings and networking days, and a dedicated mobile attached to your business. You and your company are now as one, so remember that you must represent it and be able to be contacted at all time. Publications related to your business area so you can keep up with trade news and pre-order all of your tickets for tradeshows and the travel associated with them for the next few months.