World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

You hated your old job. Your boss was amenable enough and your colleagues were nice people. But it simply wasn’t the right environment for you. You were under stimulated and lacked the sense of challenge that inspires us to be at our best. You were underpaid and every single month seemed like a struggle to simply break even given the mounting costs of modern living. Moreover you were under appreciated and your intelligence, work ethic and creative flair were wasted. So, you went into business for yourself. While extremely liberating, becoming an entrepreneur has not been without its challenges. Indeed, sometimes every day feels like a struggle. You’re putting more and more hours into your business than ever before. You feel unable to celebrate your victories as they may be all-too fleeting while you obsess and beat yourself up over your failures.



While nobody expects the life on an entrepreneur to be all smiles and sunshine, it’s vitally important that entrepreneurs take steps to overcome the negativity that is an inevitable part of entrepreneurship and remind themselves to love what they do every day.

Lighten the load


Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate, and it’s quite common for neophytes to assume that they can take on the myriad tasks that come with running a business on their own. Not only can this lead them to burn out, it can make them insufferable micromanagers when their organizations grow and develop a staff of dedicated employees. Make sure that you trust in your employees to do their job as well as you would and outsource to enterprises that can lighten your load. Whether it’s an IT consultant for businesses in your area, an accountant, bookkeeper, digital marketing agency or HR services provider, leaning on third party service providers will help to keep your workload manageable while also ensuring that your business is primed for success.


Remember where you came from


In order to truly appreciate where you are and what you do, it may be helpful to remind yourself where you came from. Every once in awhile, drive to your old workplace. Take the exact same route you used to take every day and try to remind yourself how you felt as you got closer. If you have time, drop by and have a quick chat with your former colleagues. They’ll be happy to see you and eager to hear about how your new business is going. This will buoy your self worth and afford you some much needed perspective to help you appreciate just how far you’ve come.


Make your customers and employees smile


Being an entrepreneur can be an insular and lonely existence. As important as it may be at times to cloister yourself in your office so that you can focus on the strategic management of your business, don’t be afraid to venture on the front lines every now and then. Chat with your employees as you work, tell some jokes, strike up a conversation with a customer and look for an opportunity to make someone smile.

Finally, just take a look around and remember that none of what you see would even be here were it not for your imagination, hard work, inventiveness and dedication.