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Online businesses are a good choice to invest in if you’re aiming for a worldwide audience. The web is accessible anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and most companies support global shipping and other fantastic features that allow you to connect with an international audience. However, online stores need to be designed and managed correctly in order to become a huge hit.


Just take a look at websites such as Amazon. They’re internationally renowned and the website simply just works. It has evolved over the past couple of years to become more and more accessible, easier to use and ultimately provide customers with a better experience. That’s essentially what you want to achieve when it comes to setting up your own online store; you want it to be a great experience for your customers.


To help you out, we’ve put together a couple of great tips and snippets of advice that will help you overcome some of the most common issues that you can face with your online store.



Backend Failures


The backend of a website refers to everything that goes on behind the scenes. For instance, it could refer to the eCommerce module that you are using, the server that your website is hosted on or even your account management systems. Any failures in these areas will usually result in a poor customer experience and it’s incredibly important that you keep everything working correctly.


Constant downtime is a bad sign and it’s a good idea to swap your providers. For instance, if your eCommerce module continues to throw errors and make it impossible for your customers to make purchases, then you may want to look at a Blue Snap review or another service to ensure that your customers can actually make purchases. If your website host is constantly going down, then you may want to swap as well. There are plenty of reputable web hosts now that can also help you design a website if needed.


Forgetting to Communicate


Many companies fail spectacularly when it comes to communication. They either never announce new releases on their store or they forget to inform people about changes to the website or their product lineup. All you need is a blog or a connected social media account to inform people about your website and the changes you’re planning for the future.


In addition, you need to make sure that you’re responding to questions and comments on your products. Some people will leave reviews or ask for help in the comment sections of your product pages, so make sure you pay attention to these and respond to questions so that future customers have a good idea how to solve an issue without having to contact you directly. Communication is just as important online as it is in a brick and mortar store, so don’t neglect to keep in touch with your customers.