World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Energy as an Introvert and Perform Better at Work

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What's Different About Me?

Having spent years in the HR field, I observed firsthand how organizations struggled to effectively recruit and support introverted professionals, whether in remote or in-person settings.

As an introvert myself, this was a source of immense frustration. I dedicated years to conducting workshops for introverts, equipping them with strategies to navigate extroverted company cultures. However, it was during a speech I delivered on the topic of virtual water cooler participation that everything changed. I emphasized that companies should not expect introverts to engage in virtual socializing if they were never encouraged to do so in traditional office settings.

From there I have gone on to help many introverts be successful in their careers.

It is refreshing to work with other someone who understands the nuances of social and work situations as an introvert and has the experience to offer real and helpful tips to accepting yourself while driving personal and career growth.”

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