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Virtual Training with Janice Chaka

I deliver workshops to organizations with the aim of creating an interactive space for people to learn with and from their peers. Together, through engaging and insightful sessions we are able to explore a topic that is vital to the individual and groups’s success.

  • Online workshops will last between 1-2 hours with capacity of 5-30 people.

  • Lunchtime Workshops lasting 45 minutes can be added to your existing soft skills and personal development offering.

Workshops are often hosted as independent events but can also be connected as part of a series.

Prices start at $2000 USD

Workshops are tailored to the needs of your organization and can be completely bespoke or a customised key topic listed below:

Practical Communication For Remote Leaders Workshop


Effective communication is vital to the success of any team. It builds trust, and boosts creativity and problem-solving, thereby increasing productivity and success.

Perhaps the most significant difference between the way you communicate in the regular office settings and remotely is that for the latter to be successful, it has to be deliberate. This workshop will help with your conscious effort to establish successful communication processes in your remote team will pay off.

Leading Effective Virtual Meetings Workshop

For those who need to lead projects/team meetings remotely, virtual meetings are a fact of life. But unless you’ve had proper training in how to prepare, lead and get the best results from them, how do you know you’ll get tangible results? In this powerful session, we work with participants to speed up adoption of the tools, and set up a system for virtual meetings in line with the meeting end goals and your company culture.

Preventing Burnout For Remote Teams Workshop

With the world of work changing at break neck speeds. How can you help your staff not burn out both mentally and physically. Creating various support systems for your staff to help them keep a healthy balance between work and none-work is crucial to retaining staff and also for getting the best out of them. This workshop will help your team explore methods that would work for them.

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