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One-off Introspection Strategy Session

One-Off Introspection Strategy Session

One laser-focused session. One big idea. One crystal-clear direction.



You need help and you need it ASAP.

Good news! That’s exactly what the One-Off Introspection Strategy Session is for.

Each one-hour session will provide you with a safe and completely confidential space to focus on one specific idea, area, or issue you’re having trouble with.

After this action-oriented, laser-focused session you will come away with new resources, ideas, additional sources of inspiration, a clear sense of direction, and a big weight off your shoulders.

During our one-on-one session, I will offer you 100% honest feedback, genuine understanding, and a strictly no-hidden-agenda kind of deal.

Not to mention you’ll be entering a completely safe environment where anything you say is confidential and where my sole focus is you and the challenge you’re currently up against.

My style is a careful blend of mentoring, consulting, and coaching, so you can get the most suitable professional support for your situation. Your session is entirely adapted to your needs, so you can take advantage of existing opportunities with more clarity and ease, push your boundaries, and ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

If you can benefit from some of my own personal lessons, I will share these with you. I’ll also share some of the pitfalls you need to avoid, point out any opportunities you can’t afford to miss, and give you additional resources you may find useful, all without holding anything back.

The entire One-Off Introspection Strategy Session is specifically designed to be flexible, so we can focus on what’s going to be the most beneficial course of action for you and your career!




The One-Off Introspection Strategy Session is for you if you want to:
-Pick the best idea to pursue with confidence and without second-guessing yourself
-Get clear on your course of action for bigger, better breakthroughs
-Generate incredible ideas even if you feel stuck more than ever before
-Make pivotal decisions with confidence, clarity, and with sole focus on what is best for you
-Get honest feedback in one particular area you’re struggling with or want to improve on
-Rehearse your speech to hone your public speaking skills before the big day
-Improve your networking skills through role-playing networking scenarios
-Practice your interview skills to make a great impression and get your dream job
-Decide on a self-promotion strategy that is perfectly aligned with your goals and values
-Find out which strategies to use to maximize your results and set yourself up for success



What you get:
One laser-focused, action-oriented 60-minute session
Honest, no-hidden-agenda feedback with full focus on your success
A safe space to explore your ideas and find understanding
Personalized homework (if applicable)

Your investment:




If the One-Off Introspection Strategy Session is exactly what you need right now, all you need to do is click the button below to schedule your session.

When you do, you’ll be taken to my online scheduling tool. After you’ve picked your preferred time slot, you will get a confirmation email and a link to a short intake form you’ll need to fill out.

I encourage you to spend a couple of minutes answering these questions because the more detailed you are, the better prepared I can be for our session. That way, I will also be able to help you in the best and most effective way.

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