Career and Business Coaching for Introverts

Career and Business Coaching for Introverts

Harness your natural strengths and achieve your personal career breakthrough


Janice Chaka Career Coach for IntrovertsNo matter who you are, extrovert or introvert, you want one thing out of your career or business: success.

But the harsh reality is that we live in a world where the extrovert ideal is still considered the norm, at least in most Western countries.

Extroverts are expected to succeed at virtually everything, not to mention they’ve been far more appreciated than introverts in corporate environments.

And, as an introvert, this just makes it much harder for you to prove your worth in the workplace.

Add to that the pressure of trying to live up to your boss’s expectations and meet the social demands of your extroverted colleagues, and you’re left completely drained and exhausted.

And while you may be lucky enough to have ample understanding, encouragement, and support in your personal life, when it comes to the professional scene, things can get a lot more complicated.

Especially when you have zero support to begin with.

Being constantly stressed and overwhelmed, feeling like a fake, and subjecting yourself to inhumane amounts of pressure every single day can quickly become too much to handle.

This is where a career and business coach can step in and provide you with a safe place for you to make sense of things and align your course of action in the best and most optimal way for your introverted nature.

If you’re in a place where you’re trying to figure out how to improve your performance, step into a new leadership role,  keep up with the increasingly extrovert-centric expectations you’re facing at work,  or looking to become a digital nomad, I can help.

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The Career Introvert You see, I know what it’s like because I’ve been there, too. And, let me tell you, it wasn’t fun.

I spent years feeling like an outsider, not knowing how to play the game, and thinking that no matter how well I did my job I would never fit in. And, worst of all, I had no idea why.

It wasn’t just tough. It was overwhelmingly stressful.

And I know exactly where you’re coming from.

But I also know that hiring the right career coach can make all the difference between achieving your career goals and falling short.

Because your career and business coach is not just someone to turn to as a last resort, when you are confused about your future or when you are looking for a new career.

A career and business coach is your right hand for everything related to your career and business:

– Choosing a different and more suitable career direction
– Ensuring the direction you follow is aligned with your goals
– Becoming an influential leader and a successful manager
– Making pivotal decisions for your professional development
– Improving your interview, presentation, and public speaking skills
– Building relationships in a productive and effective way
– Moving from working 9-to-5 to being your own boss

With almost 15 years of experience in HR as an introvert, I have seen the ins and outs of multinational corporations, small businesses, and startups. I have also gone through a LOT of career changes successfully, and I know firsthand how difficult and stressful this may be for you.

All of this combined with my passion for mentoring, coaching, and helping other introverted women flourish in their career allows me to:

– Provide you with a distinctive perspective on your career issues
– Offer introvert-friendly, tried and tested strategies you can put into use
– Give you a safe space to self-reflect, explore, and uncover your strengths
– Challenge you to make important yet sometimes uncomfortable changes

My coaching style is a balanced mix of mentoring, coaching, and consulting, so you can get the best out of three different professional practices.This allows me to give you the perfect type of support you need and all the flexibility you require to deal with any situation, challenge, or problem you’re facing.

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Career and Business Coaching for Introverts is for you if you want to:


-Recognize and appreciate where you are before you can move forward

-Discover and define what your own personal version of success is

-Utilize effective and practical strategies to help you build better relationships with others

-Figure out what kind of work or additional projects you can take on to strengthen your skills

-Become a high-impact introvert by applying proven and tested ways to up your visibility in business

-Create a plan of action to get that promotion and step up into a leadership role at work

-Learn how to leverage your introvert skills even in the most extrovert-centric work environment

-Handle overwhelming social situations better and go from survival-mode to breakthrough-mode

-Boost your interpersonal skills and teamwork understanding with practical tips and advice

-Learn how to act in high-pressure work situations without having to put on your “extrovert mask”

-Leverage your intentional quietness and inspire respect (and attention) during work meetings

-Find out which networking strategies are most suitable for you to avoid a huge energy drain

-Move on to being your own boss feeling confident that you’ve got everything it takes to succeed

-Get rid of emotional barriers that prevent you from being confident in promoting your business

-Embrace your inner introvert and launch the profitable business you’ve been dreaming of

-Realize that you do not need to be an extrovert to become an influential and successful leader


Transformation Package

3 Months 

Six sessions

of 60 minutes

$250 USD/month

$700 USD for payment in full

Turn your introversion into your new superpower, gain a foundation and leverage your natural skills, to help move you forward in your career/business

In Depth


6 Months

Twelve sessions

of 60 minutes

 $200 USD/month

$1000 USD for payment in full

Changing how you live your life takes time. Building up habits and setting up processes to help you stratigically plan and execute your next career/business move is what you get in this package.


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We can get to know each other, ensure we are a good fit, and decide on the best package for you!

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Why 3 or 6 months? I hear you ask. Because I want to build a relationship with you, because change takes time and because lets be honest, life gets in the way.


During your 3 or 6 months with me we will cover things like, time management, self care, mindset, raising your profile- Marketing + promotion (introvert style), relationship building – your way, personal branding and so much more.


Sound like exactly what you need?

Great! Now what?

Your next step is to book a free 30-minute Discovery Session with me, so we can have a chat about what your biggest challenge is and discuss what you can expect during our time together.

Now, if you’re having any second thoughts or doubts about whether this is the right coaching option for you, this will also be a good opportunity for me to give you my honest opinion without holding anything back.

The purpose of this free session is to clarify what direction you should be headed next and (most importantly) if you should be doing that with me by your side.

So if you’re ready to get the ball rolling, just click the button below to book your free 30-minute discovery session with me. You’ll be taken to my online scheduling tool to select your preferred time slot. Immediately after that, you’ll receive your confirmation email and another email reminder one day before our scheduled session. Simple, right?

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