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Recruiter Ready

Job Searcher Review

With many workers being displaced and companies being forced to work online. Having a good online presence is even more important. Keeping your options open and being recruiter ready is key in getting your next role.

  • LinkedIn Review
  • Resume Review
  • Cover Letter Review

All for $40

Add On 20 min Laser Session

Laser Sessions are a 20-minute paid coaching session in which we will work on one specific issue that is getting in your way and stopping your progress.

Everything Above Plus Laser Session $60

What does the LinkedIn review cover?

You will get a personalized and in depth video review of your LinkedIn profile. Detailing items that need to be changed and updated and tips that will make you easier to find for recruiters.

What does the resume review cover?

I will review your resume for the type of job that you are looking to get. I will give you feedback on what interviewers, recruiters and hiring managers are looking for and what they don’t want to see. As well as how to improve formatting for applicant tracking systems.

What does the cover letter review cover

I will give you feedback on your cover letter that will help you stand out from the crowd and maximize your chances of getting through to the interview stage.

How long do the reviews take?

We aim to get the reviews back to you within 48 to 72 hours.