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Laser Sessions

Laser Sessions

What are Laser Sessions?

We are all busy these days and there are times when you need some extra accountability or need to talk something over with a third party  This is where Laser Sessions can help.

Laser Sessions are a 20-minute paid coaching session in which we will work on one specific issue that is getting in your way and stopping your progress.

There are times when you need help right now. You simply can’t spend three months discerning an answer to your current demands. You need help to make the best choice NOW!

Laser Sessions help to shine a light on what is getting in your way and how to navigate around it.

Examples of how Laser Sessions can help

  • To determine an immediate course of action that would bring some positive energy into a conversation with a manager at work;
  • To understand what is happening that is leaving you feeling depleted or overwhelmed;
  • To bounce ideas off an impartial party for different perspectives or find different viewpoints of whatever is happening in your career.
  • Find solutions and new projects to help you get promoted

In other words, Laser Sessions are designed to get you unstuck on a specific matter enabling you to take the best possible action right now.

Schedule A Laser Session for $40

To make the most of a laser session:

  1. Show up on time, ready to talk about your issue;
  2. Be completely 100% honest about whatever is going on, knowing what you say is confidential;
  3. Be willing to trust yourself, me, and the process, to get you where you need to go;
  4. Be open to taking action or thinking in a different way; and
  5. Stay focused on the one thing you have brought to the call for help.

Would you like this sort of support for 6 months?

Try the 6 month Laser Session bundle

You get unlimited Laser Sessions for six months.

Each session ongoing will be 15 minutes. On each call, we will work towards your goals and come up with the steps and actions that to be achieved next.

After each call, I will send you an email with a link to the call recording, your actions, and a link to schedule our next call.

    • This coaching offer is towards the achievement of one goal at a time. Once that goal is accomplished, we will work on your next goal.
    • You can schedule as many 15-minute laser coaching sessions as you wish over the next six months, you must complete your actions before scheduling your next session.

6 Months Unlimited Laser Sessions $400