Prudent Saving On A Business Trip

It’s a great feeling when you’re going on a business trip. The fact that you’re not in the office or at home and having to take a train or plane to a new destination is a sign that things are moving forward. It could be for any kind of reason such as a client wishing to meet up with you to discuss furthering your relationship, it could be because you’ve been invited to speak at a conference for small businesses, it might be because you’re on an exhibition tour where you’re showcasing your business to consumers, clients, other businesses and investors. No matter what the reason is, know that if you have more money to spend on your presentation and your professional requirements than you do on your travel expenses then you stand more of a chance of impressing. It’s quite simple because you have more money to spend on your position in conferences such as being able to pay for a front and center position for your stand. But living poorly isn’t a great boost for morale either so making prudent savings is what you need to focus on first.



The floor matters


Travelling around the country and the world, you’ll run into many different cultures. However know that the hotel culture has its origins in the Western world so the same rules apply. The higher up your room is the more you’re likely to pay for it. It’s just a simple fact that hotels will charge you more if your room is a decent view, even though it can take longer to get to and leave using the stairs or elevator. So while on a business trip, you should always book your room on the first floor possible. This keeps your room price per night down irrefutably.


Before you fly

A business trip is by no means one for leisure, it’s always a necessity that you deal with. You can save on your flight by using certain avenues such as on which has a coupon that can offer you 10% cash back when you activate it using Jet. Incredibly useful if you have multiple flights booked and essentially you’re using the same airline as part of your business tour or trip. Travel agencies might give you a little discount if you’re flying on business but even then you may need to sign up to their programs. Some of the programs will only activate after you have used the airline for a set number of times. Therefore a coupon cash back scheme is far more economical for just one tour or trip for business.


Take advantage


When travelling to different cities and countries day after day, it’s vital that you keep your energy levels up. So take advantage of things like hotel breakfasts that are on the house but only available for a certain time. Even if you’re flying out at night, eat up for free so you don’t spend money on snacks on the flight.


Saving on a business trip is something that many people struggle with. The occasion gets to them and they simply lose their discipline. Making prudent savings won’t affect your mood or your level of comfort too much.


The Pros and Cons Of Living And Working In Dubai

In recent years, Dubai has become an increasingly popular destination for driven people wanting to move their lives and work to another country. While Dubai is renowned for its stunning architecture, wild nightlife and luxury shopping, what else attracts so many to uproot and move to this country? And are there any drawbacks?


We already know what incredible places like Australia have to offer, and now we want to find out the secret that Dubai holds too!


Booming business

If you are a professional person or an entrepreneur, Dubai is looking for you. As far as business goes, you couldn’t be in a place with more resources to flourish, and more desire for your skills. If you start or relocate your thriving business here, you stand a good chance at succeeding due to its vast economy. With this in mind, you can expect to earn a substantial amount of money there too!


Tax-free earnings

The previous point leads nicely to this. Not only can you earn a considerable amount of money in Dubai, but the money that you earn is also tax-free! It almost sounds too good to be true. This is indeed a driving factor behind why so many people make the move there. Even if the move is temporary, just think of how much saving you could do, being able to bring an attractive lump sum home with you.


Renting a home

Although purchasing a home in Dubai is an expensive and somewhat arduous task, renting apartments is much more straightforward and cost-effective. So, if you’re not planning on living there forever, these short-term leases are definitely the way to go. There are serviced apartments throughout the city, most of them already furnished and offering an excellent standard of living. This is also a fantastic opportunity to meet new people to explore your new home-city with.


More liberal than you may expect

It is common knowledge that the UAE has strict rules and laws to follow, most of them reasonably different to what we may be used to at home. Despite this, Dubai is a little less firm and a little more liberal than its fellow Emirates. Their smoking and drinking regulations are relatively easy going, as are the restrictions on uncensored tv. But be aware that rules such as no kissing or fondling in public, no topless sunbathing or revealing clothing in public and no premarital sex, still stand.


Religious freedom

Dubai is home to a multitude of faiths. Despite it being a Muslim city, the people of Dubai are welcoming to many other practising religions and have a reasonably multicultural society. There is a variety of places of worship such as mosques, churches and temples. Some Islamic traditions are still observed strictly – the most important being the month of Ramadan, where you will struggle to find a public place to eat or drink during fasting in daylight hours.



Of course, Dubai is not all sunshine and rainbows (or is it?). Where there are pros, it is inevitable that there will be a few cons too.


It’s not easy to get a job

It has been discussed that if you’re a professional person, you can achieve great things in Dubai, career progression wise, and financially. But it can be challenging to find a job. Due to the popularity of these opportunities, often the competition is exceptionally high. The attractive salaries make for very comfortable living so, in general, people tend to keep their jobs longer – meaning fewer job opportunities for you! Helpful sites like StaffPlace can aid your job hunt.


Driving drives you crazy

Perhaps due to the various nationalities travelling on Dubai roads, you can expect to see driving standards that are not to your taste. Driving can be hazardous – despite the traffic cameras and the promise of a hefty fine, many people find that road users in Dubai drive dangerously. There are a large number of supercars in Dubai, meaning that roads are often used as racetracks for those showing off their flashy fast cars. Mix this with a massive volume of traffic? It doesn’t make for comfortable, relaxed driving.


Too hot to handle

Many of us claim to love the sun and heat, and daydream of living in a warmer climate, but Dubai is hot. Very hot. All year round the temperature is scorching, with the only minor relief from the heat being November to March when you can expect temperatures in the mid-twenties. Humidity can be unbearable for most of the year, making enjoying that sunshine not so enjoyable after all.


All in all, there are pros and cons to every big move that you decide to take. Weighing up what is essential for you and comparing it with what Dubai could offer you, you will soon discover if Dubai could be the place for you next.

Why You Should Pack Up And Move To Australia


Australia is a stunning place. It is filled with stunning beaches, vast landscapes and some of the most fascinating creatures you will ever see in your life. If you fancy a new start in life and want to experience something completely new, you should consider moving to Australia this year, and here’s why.


There’s no winter


TECHNICALLY there is a winter which has just been for Australia, but as far as the climate goes you won’t be seeing much in the way of snowstorms and hail in this country over the cold seasons. Winter is of course in the summer months for us, and at the moment Australia is entering their spring and summer season. Christmas on the beach in your bikini? Yes please!


The people are amazing


One of the things which people will always say about the land down under is that the people are some of the most happy go lucky and laid back in the whole world. You could easily say hi to someone in the street and find yourself invited to a beach party with them and their care within a couple of hours because Aussies are always up for new friends. You’ll never have to worry about meeting horrible and rude individuals because they simply don’t exist out there.


The landscape is second to none


When you visit Australia perhaps the most surprising thing you will find is the amount of untouched countryside and natural landscape. There are a lot of people who live in the big cities in Australia however there is also a huge amount of unspoilt nature on offer which is ideal for anyone who loves an adventure and enjoys seeing wildlife in their natural habitats. For a great holiday away you can visit the Australia Zoo area of the country and meet Steve Irwins family and some of the many animals he looked after back in the day.


They cater to every lifestyle


Workaholic? That’s okay! The big cities will give you the chance to work on a corporate career and get yourself to the top of the chain. Family man? That’s great! Shorter hours and early finishing times mean that you will be able to spend more time with your family at the end of each working day. The Australian lifestyle is one which is flexible and will fit to whatever you need it to be. Just find a place which you want to fit in and they will look after you!


The education and job prospects


The education and the career scope in the outback is of course varied and they have some of the most amazing facilities in the world. You can easily go there and study for your given subject and then use a company like GradAustralia to help you forge your career and make a great life for yourself. It is a place which is full of diverse options to fit anyone’s needs and you will always be able to find a great career path waiting for you out there.

How To Make Business Travel More Enjoyable & Less Stressful

What is it about business travel that always leads to it ending up being extremely stressful rather than enjoyable? The fact is that while the concept of business travel is an extremely interesting and exciting one, it can often end up being overly stressful. However, just because business travel has the potential to be stressful, that doesn’t mean that it has to be. You can easily make business travel far more enjoyable and lots less stressful, it’s just a case of knowing how to go about it.

Intrigued by the prospect of making business travel more enjoyable and less stressful? Then have a read of these useful tips below, that should help to ensure that your next business trip is a much more relaxing one.



Plan a (slightly) longer trip


A simple way to that you can make business travel less stressful and far more enjoyable is to plan a slightly longer trip. The fact is that one of the most common reasons why business travel becomes so stressful is because the time periods for these trips is almost always super short. So you’re rushing around, here, there and everywhere and get little time to relax. Whereas, if you choose to plan a slightly longer trip, you will find that you feel less stressed out and everything isn’t so rushed. You can always work while you’re there, if you’re worried about falling behind with your workload.


Travel in comfort


While you could opt to book a business or first class seat on a regular flight, there’s always the stress and worry of the delays that can come with that. Instead, it could be worth considering the freedom of flying private – as that way you could travel in comfort, as and when you wanted to. The best thing about this kind of travel is that it allows you to travel at your convinience, if you’re in a rush, you can leave as soon as possible, instead of having to wait for a suitable flight with spare seats to come up.


Take a buddy along


Okay, so you might be travelling for work, but the fact is that you don’t have to travel alone. One is the lonliest number and all that. So why not take a buddy along with you to make your trip that little bit more enjoyable? Just think, by taking a friend along with you, you could make your next business trip far more fun. No more eating alone, and in your spare time you could do things together, like see the sights, for instance. You can work while you’re there too, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take some time out to have fun.


Business travel can be a lot of fun and something that you actually start to look forward to, if you know how to make your time away more enjoyable and less stressful. Hopefully, the tips above will help you to plan your next business trip to be far more interesting and excitng and less stressful for you.


Jobs That Allow You To Travel The World

One luxury that we have in today’s society is being able to travel the world and see all of its wonders. Not so long ago, the idea of flying to the other side of the world was simply a dream, and vacations meant catching a long train journey or even packing your car up for the weekend. However, now that we’ve got that luxury, we spend the majority of our time working so that we can save up to travel the world. But what if you could do both at the same time? Check out these job ideas that allow you to travel the world while you’re working!



Teach english in a foreign country

One of the greatest ways of being able to travel the world while working is by teaching English to countries that offer that in their schools curriculum. There is always a need for English teachers because the language is so complex. Countries like China and Japan are always looking for English teachers to come and teach in their schools. Look into which countries require English teachers and work your way around them!

Become a crew member

If you’re the type that loves being on the move all of the time, then working on a boat as a crew member might just be the perfect idea for you. Sailing from destination to destination each day and being able to gaze in awe at the beautiful sea and shores that you come across is the idea of perfection. You can look for yacht jobs so that you’re sailing between plush destinations and likely in the beautiful heat most of the time.

Start up your own blog

A fantastic way of making money while you’re on your travels is by starting up your own blog. What better way of making money while you’re travelling the world than documenting every part of your journey and accepting paid work at the same time? It’s really easy to set up and many travel bloggers live off their blog without any other source of income!

Become a flight attendant

A common misconception about planes is that once it’s reached its destination, it flies back to where it came from. What actually happens is the plane is serviced, refuelled, and the staff on board are given a chance to get some rest before a returning flight full of new travellers. Becoming a flight attendant would allow you to explore new and exciting destinations each and every flight that you take. Plus, you will also get discounts on air travel too!

Consider a role in remote consulting

Finally, big companies that are worldwide are always looking for remote consultants to promote and deal with customers within your area. It allows you to work from wherever you are in the world – all you need is a laptop and an internet connection!

An Introvert’s Guide To A Career On the Road

There are many who thrive in an office environment. They love the water cooler gossip, the predictability of their job and the camaraderie of their colleagues. For the introvert, however, this may not be the best environment to grow and develop. Those who find social interaction difficult can feel alienated in this convivial environment. They may feel that they would work better given a little solitude without the distraction of workplace gossip or the feelings of awkwardness that ensue when they’re unable or unwilling to be part of the conversation. For the introvert, a life on the road may seem like a dream come true. They are allowed the solitude and time with their thoughts that they desperately crave while getting to see more of the country and use their skills on their own terms. Plus, for many driving allows an opportunity to order our thoughts and achieve a state of almost zen-like calm that is impossible to achieve in an office environment.



The good news is that as online shopping continues to boom and services like Uber can transform anyone with a car and a smartphone into a cab driver, there are more and more opportunities for skilled drivers with ambition who require flexibility to make good money doing something they enjoy. But there’s a universe of difference between driving as a commuter and driving as a professional. Here are some tips to prevent the change from being too jarring…


Master your emotions


It’s easy to over romanticize the notion of a life and career on the road. We envision wide, open stretches of road, lined with picturesque countryside and framed by a glowing sunset. Sure, you’ll have days like that… But you’ll also spend many sweaty hours stuck in traffic, running behind schedule and unable to do anything about it. For this reason it’s important to master your emotions. Driving angry can massively increase your risk of a collision, while overcompensating for running behind schedule can make you more reckless. Master your anger and your panic and your days will not only be much safer, they’ll be far more enjoyable.


Stay alert, stay safe!


Hazard perception is a basic tenet of good driving, but when you’re driving for many hours on end, it becomes all the more important. You will need to be alert at all times in order to perceive the hundreds of safety hazards that you’ll encounter every day. Truck drivers can be particularly hazardous and if you collide with one it is vital that you get legal advice immediately. Trucks not only represent a risk because of their vast size and load but because their drivers may be exhausted, having driven thousands of miles in the space of a day.


Diet is more important than ever


Driver fatigue is an extremely dangerous prospect, as such, it needs to be combated not only regular rest breaks but with the proper diet. Since you’ll spend most of your day sitting your diet is more important than ever not just in maintaining a healthy weight and good overall health but in ensuring that you’re alert and able to perceive hazards. Make sure that you drink plenty of water while on the road and eat as much fresh food as you can, especially veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. Avoid sugary processed foods as these will cause your energy levels to spike and dip erratically. The same goes for coffee too! Drink coffee sparingly or you will find that your energy levels and concentration plummet between lattes.


Stick to the above and your new career on the road will be enjoyable, rewarding and above all… Safe!


The Beach Myth


I have a real issue with the ‘beach myth’, and that’s because it’s unrealistic. If you’re wondering what this myth is, it’s the images used by many advertising companies to encourage people into the life of a freelancer, a digital nomad, working while travelling because it’s just oh so glamorous.


We’ve all seen the images. Someone sitting in a hammock at the beach with their laptop and a drink, basking in the sun and enjoying the outdoors. Working in the most stunning locations on Earth. Well, I’m here to tell you that definitely isn’t the case. We don’t take our laptops to the beach ever for so many reasons; sand, sun, glare, sea water, children, noise, plus of course there aren’t any plug points or access to the Internet. It really isn’t practical. No, working from the hotel, looking over at the beach is much more possible.


The beach myth is romanticising a lifestyle in a worrying way. People aspire to leave their ‘9 to 5’ jobs to dive into this world that doesn’t really exist. If this is you then you need to really think about it. Ignore the advertising and the staged Instagram posts and consider how much hard work it’s going to be. Being a freelancer means you don’t ever get a real break from work, you’re always on call, no matter where you are in the world and what you’d rather be doing. You might not miss the ‘9 to 5’ so much after all.

5 Flying Tips



As the travelling introvert, I’m always being asked my top tips for flying, so for today I’ve decided to compile a list of five important tips for you:

  • If you check baggage, always keep a change of clothes in your hand luggage…just in case your bags get lost. Unfortunately, it does happen! Take a photo of the luggage before you check it in because this will help you if you do lose your baggage to explain what it looks like, and it’ll also help you keep on top of any damage your stuff has sustained.


  • Always track your flight. You can use free sites, such as Flight Aware, to do this. All you need to do is enter your flight details, or you can send the information to your family so they can keep tabs on you as well.


  • Double check your confirmation number in advance, whether you book through the airline or a third-party site. I’ve somehow found that the number isn’t right, and that’s something you don’t want to discover at the airport.


  • On the same note, I would always book the flight directly through the airline because then they’re more likely to help you if anything goes wrong.


  • Follow the airline on Twitter for the most up-to-date information. Also, I’ve found that they respond a lot quicker to you if you message them that way.

Business or Pleasure


Personally, I very much dislike the conversation starter “So, are you here for business or pleasure?” and unfortunately, it’s something I come across a lot. I know it’s just small talk and people being polite, but it irks me for many reasons.

For one, why does it have to be one or the other? A lot of people like their jobs and they derive pleasure from it. Travelling just happens to be a part of that, in which case it’s both. Also, people occasionally travel for terrible reasons, for example a funeral, in which case it’s neither. How do you answer it then?

I think a better thing to say would be “I hope you’re having a good trip.” That way, it isn’t a question, but it invites people to answer should they choose to do so. I get that some people love to share, but not everyone is like that, in which case the question is hard.

My Rituals for Long Flights


I recently realized that I have a traveling ritual which makes me act like I’m flying alone even when I’m not. It’s a way to get myself into my own little introverted bubble, which of course as the traveling introvert is perfect for me. It helps me to block out the world. I never paid much attention until I took a long haul flight with a friend and I realized that I pretty much ignored them the whole way – not because I didn’t like them, but because I always do things the same.
So, this is what I do:

• I arrive early so I can check out all the most up to date details of the flight. If there is any chance of delay, or me not getting the seat I want, I need to know ASAP so I can fix it.

• I get on the plane first so I can get myself organised. Luckily, because I always plan in advance, I have everything that I’m going to need while flying in a smaller bag inside my carry on. That way, I can grab it easily creating much less of a fuss.

• Then I put my bag in the overhead bin opposite me. I don’t do it in the one above me because it’s safer if I can see it. If someone is rummaging through my bag I can’t see that happening above my head!

• I take my seat, but I don’t buckle up in case I need to move, which if I’m in the aisle seat I have to a lot.

• Then I take my travel sickness tablets. If I haven’t got water with me, I’ll ask someone for it.

• I moisturize all my exposed skin because flying dehydrates me massively. On that note, I check my app which reminds me to drink water every hour.

• I put on my compression socks and slippers before taking down my hair so I don’t get headaches.

• Then I start blocking out the world by putting in my earphones and deciding what I’m going to watch and listen to while I fly. I get into my own little introvert bubble where I’m happiest.

What are your travelling rituals? Are yours similar to mine or do you have your own quirks?