Career Coaching for Introverts

Harness your natural strengths and achieve your personal career breakthrough

Janice Chaka Career Coach for Introverts

No matter who you are, extrovert or introvert, you want one thing out of your career or business: success.

But the harsh reality is that we live in a world where the extrovert ideal is still considered the norm, at least in most Western countries.

Extroverts are expected to succeed at virtually everything, not to mention they’ve been far more appreciated than introverts in corporate environments.

And, as an introvert, this just makes it much harder for you to prove your worth in the workplace.

Add to that the pressure of trying to live up to your boss’s expectations and meet the social demands of your extroverted colleagues, and you’re left completely drained and exhausted.

And while you may be lucky enough to have ample understanding, encouragement, and support in your personal life, when it comes to the professional scene, things can get a lot more complicated.

Especially when you have zero support to begin with.

Being constantly stressed and overwhelmed, feeling like a fake, and subjecting yourself to inhumane amounts of pressure every single day can quickly become too much to handle.

This is where a career and business coach can step in and provide you with a safe place for you to make sense of things and align your course of action in the best and most optimal way for your introverted nature.

If you’re in a place where you’re trying to figure out how to improve your performance, step into a new leadership role,  keep up with the increasingly extrovert-centric expectations you’re facing at work,  or looking to become a digital nomad, I can help.

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1 Session

60 minutes

$150 USD

A laser-focused session to provide you with honest feedback, deep understanding, and the commitment to helping you excel in ONE major area of your career/business.



3 Months

Six sessions

of 45 minutes each

$ 250 USD/month

$700 USD for payment in full

Turn your introversion into your new superpower, gain a foundation and leverage your natural skills, to help move you forward in your career/business

In Depth


6 Months

Twelve sessions

of 45 minutes each

 $200 USD/month

$1000 USD for payment in full

Changing how you live your life takes time. Building up habits and setting up processes to help you strategically plan and execute your next career/business move is what you get in this package.