5 Business Tasks You Should Outsource

Outsourcing involves paying another company to handle a business task for you. This could help to save you time by not having to do the task yourself and it could be a lot cheaper than hiring in-house staff to take over the task. Pretty much any task can be outsourced nowadays from answering phone calls to organising business trips. Here are some of the most beneficial tasks to outsource.




It’s important that taxes are calculated properly and paid on time. Many people find this task time-consuming and complicated. Outsourcing an accountant such as Warren Averett to handle this task can prevent you having to do this task yourself and can ensure that your records are accurate. You can also hire people to help with other aspects of your finances such as doing your payroll or handling suppliers.


IT support


Most modern businesses are reliant on IT. When tech problems occur, having an IT consultancy firm on call such as Genesys IT solutions can be worthwhile, saving you the cost and time of having to call out a technician. IT consultants can also be useful for recommending the most suitable software as well as helping to keep your business digitally secure. It can work out a lot cheaper than hiring full-time in-house IT staff.


Legal support


Businesses must adhere to a range of laws. Outsourcing a business law firm such as Peters & Peters for support can save you the headache of having to do your own legal research. Business solicitors can also help support you when making claims, as well as helping to defend you against claims made by others. Some legal firms may even be able to able with tasks like writing contracts, changing to a limited company and setting up trademarks.


Web design


It’s possible to design your own website online for free with no coding knowledge. However, such websites tend to be basic and may have a negative impact in your professionalism. You’re much better off outsourcing a professional web design company such as Moodey IT to build a website for you. On top of being able to build a website exactly to your specifications, you’ll save time by not doing the design yourself.




There are many marketing tasks that you can do yourself from printing off your own flyers to handling your own social media marketing, however outsourcing a marketing company could save you time and ensure that your marketing is being done effectively. Certain marketing tasks like SEO and events planning can be particularly complex and can benefit a lot from outsourcing outside help. There are companies out there such as Cariad Marketing that can handle a variety of tasks and there are more specialist companies that may focus on more niche areas or specific tasks.


Lessons from street photographers

There’s no question that possessing the technical, on-paper skills and training necessary to do your job is vital, and usually what lands you an interview in the first place. A dentist must know how to fill a cavity, the same way a designer should know how to use illustrator and Photoshop. However, employers and consumers equally seek out those who carry a strong set of soft skills as well. Soft skills are skills such as creative thinking, work ethic, communication, and emotional intelligence, and they play an equally indelible role in how we succeed in both our personal and professional careers. 

Because there is a lack of training for soft skills, it’s important to sharpen yours wherever possible, especially for the more introverted workers. One way to do so is to look to those in more creative fields. Invaluable created a neat visual that explains all the non-technical skills we can adopt from street photographers. Things like relying on intuition and connecting with their subjects are characteristics that not only make them good photographers, but stellar storytellers and communicators. Check out the visual below, and see how you can work on your soft skills throughout your career.



Be The Best Entrepreneur This Year

If you have decided to finally quit the rat race this year and take on your own professional project, first of all, well done. Making the leap from a worker to a business owner and entrepreneur is a difficult thing to do and it takes a lot of guts. You have to be certain in your idea and have faith in your own ability like no other. Taking the leap into running a business is hard but it is well worth the effort.


Today we wanted to talk about entrepreneurship and being a better entrepreneur this year. There are so many things we have to learn when going it alone and this is why today we are going to run down some of the ways which you can be better this year.


  1. Get gritty


The fact that you have quit your job to pursue your own venture shows that you have heart and that you are brave. But why stop here? As an entrepreneur you will constantly have to come up against hurdles and issues and it is important got your own sake that you learn how to be gritty. Make sure that anyone who meets with you knows that you mean business and be sure to show that you will do anything to achieve your goals. This is honestly one of the best things you can do for yourself this year and it will make a world of difference to your success.

  1. Challenge yourself


To be a successful entrepreneur you will have to juggle a lot of different plates. Running a business usually takes a whole team of people from different backgrounds and when you start it will just be you. Make sure that you challenge yourself every day because this is what will set you apart from the rest and it will allow you to truly grow and thrive in the industry. It is important for an entrepreneur to always reach higher and higher and by offering yourself challenges each and every day you will be able to do this in a successful way.

  1. Be passionate


The mantra you need to take on board as an entrepreneur is that if you don’t love it, you don’t do it. The whole point of shifting away from corporate or office life is to allow you to have the freedom to do what you want with your life. This is why it is incredibly important for you to be passionate about everything you do in your life and your business. Find that one thing you love and make sure that you take this and bring it into every aspect of your day. Passion is what drives an entrepreneur and without it you will not be able to find success in the world.


  1. Take risks


Risk taking is what you did to get here, so why do you want to stop right now? It is so important for you to take risks and be brave when starting a business because if you don’t try you will never know if it could work. Being an entrepreneur means being brave and believing in yourself when no one else does. You have to be able to show everyone in your life that you can make it on your own and these risks will often be the right thing for you to do as long as you are able to put your full passion into them.

  1. Trust yourself

If you don’t 100% trust yourself, then you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur at all. Starting a business yourself is a huge risk and it is something which you need to dive into with full confidence. Make sure that you have full trust in your own abilities and as long as you have this nothing can really go wrong. You are in charge of your own life and you have the ability to do anything you put your mind to.


  1. Don’t be scared


Fear is the enemy. At the risk of sounding like a mentor from an action flick, fear is something that as an entrepreneur you need to be able to push back and ignore. You are in charge of what you do and if you let fear lead you, it might stop you from taking chances which are incredibly lucrative for your career. Be sure to always take the risks you were once afraid of and follow your gut.


  1. Wishboard it


We know that being an entrepreneur means that we should be smart and always be logical with our goals, however it is also important for us to be able to have some fun. Make sure that you take the time out of you day to have a little bit of fun today and think about the future in a more dreamy way. The reason why you should do this once in a while is because thinking of what you want and where you want to be will help to give you the motivation to work hard for this goal.

  1. Listen to the world


When coming up with a new idea for a product or a service it is important for you to lend an ear to the public and work out ways to bring trending items into your brand. For example, if you were to think about creating a new product such as a t shirt, you might want to look for ideas for designs in the real world. As we know, things such as Game of Thrones, Pokemon and Friends are super popular right now so this could be a way for you to bring some fun into your design. Always use the wider world to help you with your business.


Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the things in life which can make you feel simultaneously on top of the world and like a novice too. But with our handy tips and taking faith in yourself, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to be a successful entrepreneur this year and for the rest of your life.

3 Incredible Career Options For People Who Love To Travel

The thought of entering into a career only to become tied down and stuck in one role for the rest of your life is terrifying for many. In the twenty first century, the world has become infinitely smaller with the emergence of the internet and social media. Careers are no longer lifelong jobs – they are ways to facilitate dreams and lifestyles. You don’t have to be chained to a desk for forty hours a week, forty six weeks a year doing the same things day in day out. You can break the mold and choose to have a different career path that involves greater levels of freedom and adventure. If you love nothing more than taking off at a moment’s notice and exploring the world to scratch your ever constant wanderlust itch, you will need a career to complement this way of life. Take a look at these three incredible career options to help you hot foot it around the globe.

Air Cabin Crew


While it might not require a college degree, being part of a cabin crew can be the perfect way to travel the world. Long haul travel could see you taking a jaunt to Australia or South America. Long haul travel always involves layovers meaning you won’t have to return immediately. Often, the most luxurious airlines will pay for your accommodation and give you an allowance for your three days somewhere new. Whatever destination you find yourself in, you can immerse yourself in a brand new culture, partake in a spot of authentic cuisine and relish the opportunity to do some sightseeing.


The variety of the destinations you might visit are endless. You could be in Peru one month, a Caribbean island another month and in Iceland at Christmas. All you need is exceptional customer service skills and be willing to be at airline passengers back and call, no matter how rude they may appear.



The Army


While being in the army might not seem like the perfect opportunity for travel, there are very few careers like the army that will pay you a wage and take you to unseen areas of the world that have been ruined by conflict. One year you may be stationed in an area of war torn Middle East and the next you might be on a peacekeeping mission in an African nation. Being in the armed forces is a privilege and a well respected career. Only last month the world was considering how many WW2 veterans are still alive as the anniversary of the D-Day landings were commemorated. The army expands your geographical horizons, enables you to develop leadership and teamwork skills, and will help you develop friendships for life.


If the army doesn’t suit, why not consider the navy or the air force. These armed forces also allow you to travel and you will learn a similar skill set. Protecting your country for a living is an exceptional career path to choose.



Teaching English


As a native English speaker you are at an advantage when it comes to traveling. People all over the globe are keen to learn the language that you are fluent in. You could sign up to a TEFL course to learn the pedagogy of teaching English to businesspeople in Japan, kindergarten kids in Sweden or homeschoolers in the Ukraine. The world will open up to you when you achieve your teaching English as a foreign language certificate. Be careful when selecting the institution or company you want to work for. Many will provide housing and a decent wage, but they may expect you to work at the oddest hours and you may find yourself with reams of paperwork to fill in. Do your research and make sure that the people that offer you a job are legitimate.


If you want to travel, consider how much you will need to earn to fund your trip. Countries in the Far East pay much more than South American and African destinations. You may need to sign a contract, but this is no bad thing. Spending twelve months in a country will give you an even better chance to become part of the fabric of the nation.


Traveling is the most exciting way to spend your life. While you might like to be at home with family for significant holidays, there’s nothing better than having a nomadic lifestyle and seeing the world. If your wanderlust itch needs scratching it’s only fair that you choose a career that enables you to feel personally satisfied.

Ensuring That Your Freelance Business Profits For Years To Come

Being a successful freelancer is all about being entrepreneurial. You’re a business leader now, whether you have a small team behind you or you’re still working at home in your dressing gown. That means you have to think about your company as well as your career. You’re the employee and the boss. Of course, it takes time to learn business skills. You might be mainly focused on your skills within your particular profession. So, what will it take to ensure that your company is successful on a long-term basis? In this article, we’ll give you some advice to help you ensure that your freelance business profits for years to come.


Don’t be afraid of returning to the drawing board.

You need to keep planning if you want to ensure that your freelance business profits for years to come. Don’t be afraid of returning to the drawing board because your business plan won’t be relevant forever. It might work for you at the moment, but the marketplace is always changing. You need to keep up with the times. Bring your team into the office with you (whether it’s a home-based office or a proper company office). Get everybody to pool their ideas together and come up with solutions that can help your business to progress forwards. That’s how you’ll keep your brand fresh and keep the target market interested in your products and services.


Remember that it’s okay to hit a brick wall (figuratively speaking) from time to time. That doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel. All entrepreneurs make mistakes or face setbacks on occasion. There are always going to be obstacles to overcome, and that’s why it’s so important to keep returning to the drawing board on a regular basis. If you still feel stuck in your freelance career then you should do some research to find ideas and inspiration that’ll help you move forwards. If you keep on learning about your industry then you’ll be able to come up with bigger and better ways to run your business. In turn, you’ll know what ideas to propose when you return to the drawing board.


Expand your team.

You also need to expand your team if you want to ensure that your freelance business profits for years to come. If you’re wondering when it’s time to hire fresh talent then take a look at your daily operations. If you think that your productivity levels have dropped then think about the way in which you’re working. Are you stretching yourself too far? In order to keep profiting, your company needs to run as efficiently as possible. The best way to achieve this is to ensure that you have a growing team behind you. That’ll help your business to keep growing and growing.


Research your target demographic.

We’ve already talked about the importance of doing your research when it comes to improving your business plan, but you need to go beyond reading books and studying your competitors. You need to research your target demographic, and that isn’t something you can do in meeting rooms whilst you stare at your current plan. You need to talk to customers. Find out what they like or dislike about your business. As a small freelance operation, you might feel as if you’re at a disadvantage, but sufficient research can help you overtake your bigger competitors.


The goal is to find problems that other businesses have missed. In turn, your freelance company can offer a solution which sets it apart from the crowd. If you find gaps in the market then you can offer a service which turns heads and boosts your brand. That’s how you’ll ensure your freelance business profits for years to come. You need to keep doing your research to ensure you know your target demographic better than your rivals. Show that freelancers can be more knowledgeable and professional than the big corporations in the marketplace.


Make sure your business website is professional and well-designed.

Even as your freelance business grows and gains an office or a full team behind it, you’ll probably still rely on your digital presence quite heavily. The internet is a valuable tool in the modern business world. You don’t need to pay for a massive billboard in the city to get people’s attention. In 2019, content marketing is more important than ever when it comes to advertising your business. If you want to ensure that your freelance empire continues to profit over the years then make sure you have a fantastic website. Your objective is to not only increase traffic but improve your conversion of traffic to sales.


Start off by hiring a graphic designer to help you. It doesn’t need to be full-time employment; outsourcing this job on a temporary basis from time to time will be sufficient. But this could help you to make your website look stylish and professional. You might also want to get some help from a professional web developer to make sure your content is set to achieve the best results on search engines. It wouldn’t hurt for you to learn a bit about SEO too. If your content impresses search engine algorithms then you’ll rank highly on result pages and increase your traffic. Plus, the better the content, the more you’ll impress website visitors. In turn, you’ll be gaining traffic and increasing the likelihood that those visitors become paying customers.


Remember, freelancing is hard work. It requires continuous research and planning. You’re running a business now. That means you need to think about more than your career. Obviously, there are plenty of benefits to freelancing; in particular, you get to keep all of the profits from your sales. But it’s a demanding line of work. You have to be ready to start thinking like an entrepreneur. That means you need to keep studying to better yourself. If you can do that then you’ll be well on your way to ensuring that your freelance business profits for years to come.

Essential Things To Know About Cloud Computing

The cloud is a phrase we have all heard of but maybe not all of us really know what means. The cloud is a way to store data away from your device and free up storage for other things, it is also a way to collaborate on projects and make life easier online. Today we are taking a look at some of the things you should know before you consider cloud computing this year.

  1. It’s big


If you want to get into the game with a service like Quicktech.com now is the time to do it. The service is growing in strength year on year because it is an efficient way for people to get what they need and work in a simple way.

  1. It’s changing software


With the growth of the cloud, the way we download and use the software is a lot different to what it was. Many softwares now will use an online browser option so that people don’t have to download a programme to their computer and it can actually make life a lot more simple.

  1. IaaS is growing


IaaS is a huge method for deploying infrastructure to a business and it is growing bigger than ever this year. This means that now is a good time to head into this arena before the competition grows too much and prices rise to a crazy level.

  1. Hybrid cloud is helpful


If you want to start using a cloud service a good place to start would be with a hybrid. This means that you can use both a private and business cloud service hand in hand and this is helpful for those of us whose personal life and business crossover, as is the case with many of us these days.

  1. It’s changing IT


Regular IT services are changing a lot as time goes and this is a lot down to the way that cloud computing has taken over. The way we work in a cloud setting can bypass a lot of the issues which we would face with retailer computing such as a slow machine due to ram usage.

  1. It’s cost effective

Using a cloud service can be a very clever business move for anyone who wants to make a positive impact on the world this year and it is important for us to be able to utilize it in many ways. Let’s take google drive as an example of cloud based software. Through this we can store many items for free without storing it on our machines; we can collaborate and edit documents at the same time as other people and we can share documents with a select group of people. The cloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world and this means that you can work and browse on the go, and it makes life much more easy every single day as it allows us to do much more from our computer or phone screens each day.

Taking Actionable Steps To Improve Your Home Business

Starting a business from home, or turning a hobby into a business can often be a  scary step to take. But once you have taken the plunge the home and work life balance can be massively improved and you can feel proud of what you have achieved. Running a home business can be isolating, however, it can be extremely rewarding, and you can often get to a stage where you need to take some actionable steps to improve it. So what can you do? Here are some of the things to consider.


Place a value on your time


One of the first things that you should do is place a value on your time. Often when you run a business from home, you only have yourself to rely on, and this can be isolating and overwhelming. But, by working out where your tie is of most value, you can look at ways to pick up the slack in those other areas. This is things such as accounting, where an online part time accountant could help you to tackle that side of your business. Freeing up your time elsewhere. You could look at outsourcing website development, or even social media management to help you remain consistent. The best advice is to work out where you make the most impact.


Think about where you work


Working from home can often be seen as the ideal scenario for some people, but while you are on your own and have the flexibility, it can also be very distracting. You have to think about things such as having a dedicated area to work. If you have the space, a home office could be the ideal solution. But if not, then a corner where you can have a desk to sit and work will be beneficial. This will help you to switch between work and home life easier, and allow you to concentrate on work when the time is needed.


Time management hacks to help you stay productive


We have already mentioned how working from home can be distracting but you also need to take into account things such as time management. The beauty of working from home means that you get the opportunity to be more flexible, but you will still have plenty of work to get done. How you do can be up to you.Time management could include blocking time for certain tasks, or figuring out when you are most productive. For example, some people work well first thing in the morning, whereas others are night owls.


What’s the next step for the business?


Finally, what is the next step for your business? Working out where you want to be in terms of your business can help you to take the actionable steps to make it happen. It might be expanding in terms of products or services, or eventually hiring staff and moving out of the home and working in a dedicated shop, retail premises or your new offices. Think about your business goals as this can help you to stay on the right path to achieve them.


Let’s hope these tips help you to improve your home business.

Harnessing The Power Of AI Marketing

The days of sitting in front of a screen to connect to the internet seem to have long past. The internet is an ever-changing place, and the ways in which we interact with it are in a constant state of evolution. We have never been so connected; as every piece of technology in our lives develops new levels of efficiency through being online.


We do appear to have finally landed in the future. We now have the type of technology that appears to independently interact with us seamlessly across all of our devices and throughout our daily lives.


Chances are you already own an Alexa. But you may not have realized the uses and impact this could have on your SEO business. With so many homes now using Alexa, to not consider the advantages of using Alexa within your search engine optimization is short-sighted.


But aren’t these smart speakers just for playing music?


While it is a neat gimmick; the voice-controlled speaker that plays your favourite tunes without you needing to scroll through tracklists or the helpful assistant that lets you know the weather for the day or if there is any congestion on your drive to work, you can even catch up on your favourite podcast. But there is so much more potential here.  


Alexa works using downloaded skills. When you use the voice prompt “Alexa”, it elicits a response from a specific skill based on your command. Why not check out this Alexa skill that gives you up to the minute SEO updates to keep you ahead of the game. If you’re part of a busy SEO agency, chances are you are very adept at multitasking and processing data coming at you from all angles. Get on with the things you need to do and let Alexa bring you up to date.


With so many companies developing skills for Alexa, the creative options for marketing using smart speakers are immense. Your brand might want to interact with customers by providing them with an instant, ongoing information service through simple conversations between customer and device. Transactions are made simple as products can be ordered as easily as they are discussed. There is no need to lose sales to forgetfulness or postponed intentions. Voice search and AI allows you to be in the present with your customers and also understand the types of conversations they might want to have surrounding your products or services. In effect, you have a shop window, the product placement, the sales team, the till system and the after sales team all rolled into one inside a small speaker. The benefits to the consumer are massive; the benefits to those supplying products or servicing are astronomical.


AI? Isn’t that a bit scary?


The more of us that own smart speakers, the more intelligent they will become. This might sound like a gloomy prediction of the future from the Terminator movies, and whilst there is some truth in the idea that artificial intelligence can self perpetuate; there is no danger that machines would ever have the desire to overthrow society. But the fact is, that as more people use voice search, the more adept the algorithms will become, giving them and us the knowledge to be able to serve them best as customers.


Data protection may be a concern here, and there have been stories in the media recently surrounding what these devices can hear, are recording and what data gets stored of ours- a key example would be of a murder which was witnessed by an Amazon Echo. There may be specific guidelines to follow, about the data stored by these devices, but these devices are developed by the public sector whose primary aim is to boost sales. And while some may view this with cynicism; the safety concerns of being ‘spied on’ are unfounded.


So what is the future of this tech?

As companies clamber onto this new technology, there will no doubt be a growth in innovation. Developers need to set themselves apart and will strive to bring about the changes that will really capture the imagination of the consumer. For those working in marketing, this is an opportunity to be at the gold-rush early to ensure that everything hasn’t panned-out for everyone else but you!


As the market often does, there will be natural gravitation towards a small number of leaders in terms of tech. Homes will favour a particular brand and carry the same personal assistant across all devices used by everyone living there. Amazon has already demonstrated a great deal of its potential in providing a seamless link between its content streaming services and its online store, whilst being easily accessible for developers to create and market skills for the devices.


So, what does this mean for my current website?


Obviously, we’re not throwing away our laptops, tablets and smartphones. We are still always going to be accessing the internet the way we have done, but there is a definite need for web developers and content makers to consider how a personal assistant will view their websites. In much the same way as website designers needed to adapt over a decade ago to the upsurge in smartphone and tablet use; making sure content fitted or was visible on a smaller screen. Content is now disseminated as audio. Search terms might differ, so making sure writing reflects this in order to appeal to the search algorithms of the AI.

The upshot of all of this is, if you are not considering the implications of AI, personal assistants and smart speakers within your marketing strategies or in the future of your website, then there is a real danger of being left behind. Sales of such smart speakers have been staggering, with an estimated 2.5 billion in use currently, these numbers are set to rise dramatically, with predictions of 8 billion by 2023. Ambient computing is a leap into the next generation of technology, and it is something that needs to be embraced. Expect one of the buzzwords of the next few years to be ‘voice commerce’.

3 Online Jobs That Are Perfect for Introverts

According to Psychology Today, many introverts feel they perform best when they have the ability to work by themselves.  While they enjoy the social elements of office work, they tend to focus better in a more distraction-free environment.  That’s what makes finding an online job so appealing to introverts.  


You have the ability to create a more productive environment for yourself so you can excel and perform at your highest level. While not all individuals and jobs are suited for this type of working arrangement, they are some great careers you can pursue if working from home is appealing to you.  


To help get you thinking about options, here are 3 online jobs that are perfect for introverts.



Are you good at doing two things at once, like taking notes while listening?  If so, you could make $40-$50 an hour transcribing audio recordings like lectures and podcasts.  The key is you have to be very detailed oriented so you don’t miscommunicate what the person was saying.


Transcribing audio and video is a great job for an introvert since it requires a ton of quiet, focused effort. There are also a lot of companies looking for this service as well, with some paying $0.75-0.85/minute for your work.  You can earn even more money by specializing if you have some other unique skills like a legal background or being bilingual.  


Virtual Assistant:


Becoming a virtual assistant is a great option if you have a broad set of skills you can leverage.  Many large companies will outsource various data entry, social media management, project management, and administrative jobs to freelancers.  The workers will then perform the jobs from home part-time, which saves the companies money and provides workers with more flexibility.


On average you can make around $17 an hour.  I’d recommend you also contract with multiple clients at a time to keep from getting bored by diversifying your workload.  If you’re looking for virtual assistant jobs, you can use sites like ZipRecruiter or Upwork to search for opportunities.  


If you have a natural affinity for speaking and writing in multiple languages, you can make a great living online as a translator.  Most companies that hire for this role are looking for someone with certain language pairs for which they can translate i.e. English to Spanish or Spanish to English.

If you are fluent in multiple languages, check out sites like Tranlsate.com or TextMaster.  They typically pay .05-.10 cents a word, which means if you’re a fast typer you could make a great income on the side.  


Wrapping Up

Being introverted can make some typical work settings challenging to perform to your best.  That’s why online jobs that allow you to work from home are a great option. The trick is finding one that matches your unique skill set and building up a customer-base of work ongoing work.  Fortunately there many freelancing sites out there that make this a lot easier on you by bringing the work to you.

What Is the Glass Cliff?

Women in business still face a ton of challenges in the fight for gender equality in the workplace. Of the top Fortune 500 companies, only 4.8 percent are led by women and this number is lower currently than it has been in previous years.


The glass ceiling is a well known term that refers to the invisible obstacles women face as they climb the corporate ladder. But what happens once they shatter this ceiling? Research shows that high-achieving women are then thrown off the glass cliff.


The glass cliff, uncovered in 2004, is the phenomenon where high performing women are only promoted to top positions such as CEO or allowed to be board members when a company is underperforming or enduring a scandal.


Risk of failure is great in these precarious positions. Not only that, but women who accept these top spots are given less time to turn things around than their male counterparts and they’re more likely to be challenged by male stakeholders. Women are 45% more likely than men to be ousted from top positions and then are more likely to be replaced by a man.


Jill Abramson, the first female Executive Editor of the New York Times, was fired after less than three years despite successful quarterly earnings. Reports that she was bossy surfaced, but critics argued that would never be a fireable offense for a male leader. Since her ousting none of the top 10 daily newspapers are led by women.


Some other high profile examples include former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz and Carly Fiorina formerly of Hewlett-Packard.


There are some examples of high-achieving women who have avoided the glass cliff too. Some well known examples include Ginni Rometty, President of IBM and Mary Barra, CEO of GM.


If you do find yourself shattering the glass ceiling, there are steps you can take to try to avoid the glass cliff. These seven actionable tips will help you avoid the glass cliff when you’re up for your next promotion: