World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Growing a business is usually something we associate with “getting out there” and “meeting people.” According to extroverts, it’s about “who you know” and “networks you can leverage.”

Of course, this thinking defies the evidence. While it might be a popular approach for people who feel energized by others, it’s a nightmare for introverts. 

The good news is that none of it is true. Extraverts don’t have a monopoly on money-making, despite what they might claim. You don’t always have to “get out there” as people often like to say. 

But what alternative approaches are there to money-making? That’s what we discuss in this post. We look at some of the strategies and techniques you can use to build a killer money-making business inside your home’s four walls. 

Go Down The Virtuoso Route

The first option is to go down the virtuoso route. 

Being a virtuoso means that you’re extremely good at something. It could be anything from playing the violin to trading stocks. If you have a knack for something and you know that you are better than virtually everyone else, you will make a lot of money

However, you must be candid and honest with yourself. Not everyone can be a virtuoso by definition, so it is a challenging path to follow. If you are an extremely talented person, this option is easy and obvious. If you’re not, then it is almost impossible.

Sell Silently In Bulk

Another strategy that doesn’t require leaving your home is to sell silently in bulk. What do we mean by this? Essentially, you’re looking for arbitrage opportunities. Where can you buy cheap and sell more expensive online? 

If you can find a model that works and a large market, you can make a lot of money. Finding cheap products and selling them for more is essentially free money, and it doesn’t require you to learn a musical instrument or even the hallmarks of a successful business. 

Moreover, you can get assistance with virtually every aspect of the process. Using a service for filing for your federal employment identification number is one option. Or you could get an outsourcing company to do your dropshipping for you. Getting others to do the work for you is an excellent way to manage a service and cream off a profit for yourself, without having to get involved in all the details. 

Use Digital Leverage

You can also try the digital leverage approach. Here, you use the power of the internet to scale something infinitely, letting you reach a massive target market. 

Digital leverage is similar to labor or capital leverage in the past. The idea is to replicate a product or service with the help of some other entity (other than yourself). Before the internet, people had no choice: they had to go into the marketplace and ask for gold to pay wages or invest in equipment. But, today, the situation is different. That’s no longer the case. 

Examples of infinitely scalable business ideas include selling courses, books, or digital services.