World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

The often cutthroat nature of corporate careers like office work means that, while there are benefits to largely digitized working setups for introverts, this isn’t necessarily the best working option in every instance. In fact, insidious office environments, and the generally limited surroundings experienced here can leave many introverts either stuck or struggling. This is a problem, and it’s something that’s best avoided by looking at other areas where introverts may be better able to thrive, like agriculture. 

While it may not be the first career option that you think of, there are more introverted individuals in the farming sector than we believe. And, once you start looking into what agricultural careers have to offer, the reasons for this connection become obvious. 

Of course, this isn’t to say that agriculture is the perfect option for all introverts. Still, certain benefits do make agricultural roles a dream career option for many, and we’re going to consider some of them here. 

# 1 – Limited social groups

Agriculture relies on the coming together of various elements, meaning that teamwork is often necessary to see results within this field. That said, unlike an office environment that could see you communicating with 50+ people daily, farming communities and social groups tend to be small and close knit. Admittedly, it can be daunting as an introvert to enter this kind of environment to begin with but, once you’ve found go-to connections with trusted equipment suppliers like Scherer, and have done the hard work of getting to know your closest colleagues, you’re far more likely to thrive and feel comfortable than you would in a career where unknown people are constantly in and out of your daily routine. 

# 2 – A less stimulating environment

Introverts can be highly sensitive people and can struggle to concentrate in sensory environments where there are bright lights and lots of noise. While labs and research positions in agriculture don’t necessarily eliminate these things, jobs including farm management, conservation planning, and animal care can all see you spending a great deal of time outdoors and away from even a hint of these sensory overloads. As a result, concentration should be far easier to come by, allowing you to feel more settled in your role, and more confident in your ability to complete tasks without the risk of distraction. 

# 3 – A chance to steady the mind

From the benefits of outdoor work to the opportunity to spend more time with animals, many agricultural careers can also help to steady the often anxious mind of any introvert. This, in turn, can make for far higher levels of job satisfaction, while lowering the job-based stress levels that countless introverts consider to be normal. As a result, you may be able to eliminate any feelings of dread when it comes to your work, and may instead feel calmer and more settled in a role that you truly love at last. 

Agriculture might not be your first option, but if these benefits sound tempting then a career here could be for you after all.