World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

The biggest way to grow your business is to use various forms of advertising to share your business with as many people as possible. There are multiple ways to advertise your business but using fun and innovative ways shows your personality and can normally reach a larger audience as it’s exciting to look at.

Custom products

Getting Performa Custom products can show off your brand on the go. You could add your logo to anything such as lunchboxes, protein shakes, face masks or even a t-shirt, as often people will notice a logo if they see it at least a few times a day with their daily objects. Your business will spring to their minds when they need you. Your company logo can be a great choice or making your classic company quote or image could be the main feature to catch potential customers attention. The best thing about using a custom brand such as Performa is that you can order small qualities as well as the advantage of customising every part of your advertising product to ensure that it is a perfect representation of your business.

Social media

Advertising your brand doesn’t need to just be in person but it can move online to reach a larger audience. Upload fun and interesting posts on various  marketing platforms to catch potential customers attention. Recently videos such as reels and transitional videos are becoming a big thing on the Internet because they are a fun and quirky way to share your products. Your reel could get shared and viewed from people in your local community or across the world, expanding your database worldwide with a click of a button. Add hashtags and your location tag to ensure that you reach people who are interested in what you are offering otherwise your posts can get lost in the whirlwind of posts.

If you are looking to build your email database then you can share a sign up button on your social media pages. An email database can drop the latest updates and product launches straight to your customers email box.

You can even call upon PPC marketing/advertising to further strengthen your social media campaigns. Paying to place posts on other people’s timelines will ensure that users who don’t follow you still see your content. With affordable PPC management, this has now become easier than ever before and is particularly effective on Instagram and Twitter.

Webinars and presentations

Another way to use the internet to your advantage is to host a webinar in your subject to allow your customers and potential customers to find out all about your niche. You could share regular webinars about various topics or offer a workshop as these can be popular to your target market and will learn to love what your brand has to offer. With people working from home this can be a great option to slip into their schedule to learn something new. 

If you want to attract your local community then giving presentations to audiences can improve word of mouth of your company. A great way to fit a presentation into people’s lifestyles is to fit an hour presentation around lunchtime creating a ‘lunch and learn’ service. This is a great way to get your company out there and to be the first port of call to local people.