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If you are looking to start your career, or switch careers, you may want to consider getting a job as a barber. 

A barber is someone who is responsible for cutting and styling men’s hair. They will also assist in cutting and styling men’s beards and will use a variety of different tools including scissors, razors, and trimmers, as well as beard oils, shaving cream, and hair care products in order to do this. 

To be a great barber, you will need to have a range of different skills, these include creativity, patience, a steady pair of hands, and the ability to help your clients feel completely at ease. 

Trends in male grooming are always evolving and many clients will want to have the latest look. This means that as a barber, you need to be ahead of the curve and always ready for the next big thing in terms of haircuts and beard styling. 

It is because of this demand for the new that barbers are hot property these days. Barbershops are thriving as the obsession with male grooming grows ever more popular. If you can become a barber that has the skills needed to adapt to the new styles while delivering excellent service, you should be able to have a thriving career. 

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can get ahead in your career as a barber. 

Studying To Become A Barber 

There are a number of different routes into becoming a barber and the option you choose may depend on your learning style, your available time, or your financial situation.

To become a barber, you will need to get a vocational qualification and a license. While some barbershops may hire without these things, having the qualification and the license will put you in the best possible stead for getting a job. 

You may find yourself asking how much is barber school? This will depend on the school that you attend and your location. Whatever the cost of the course, you will need to factor in the need to buy your products and tools in order to do the course. 

Barber school takes around 1000 hours to complete. This can be done at 25 -35 hour per week so it will take roughly two years until you graduate. 

You may also be able to learn on the job by completing an apprenticeship at a barbershop. This will give you the hands-on experience that you need to be able to work as a barber. 

What Are The Skills Needed To Become A Barber

There are several keys skills that you need in order to become a barber. You should firstly be detail orientated. No two heads are the same and you should be able to give the client exactly the haircut they are looking for. Spotting small details is key to being able to achieve this. 

Your customer service skills need to be second to none. Barbers tend to thrive based on reputation, and how you make people feel when they are in your hair is important.  

You need to have great communication skills. This means listening to your client’s needs and communicating your thoughts to them. 

Finally, you will need to have excellent time-management skills.