World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

We can always re-strategize our business and marketing plans. They must be constantly evaluated and it’s important to always look at new ways to market that don’t break the bank. With a little know-how, you can ensure that you are marketing your business to its full potential. There are plenty of digital marketing tools. Here are some tips.

Advertising on Youtube

Remember that YouTube is the second search engine after Google and you can create both text ads and promotional videos. In addition, the virality of this channel is tremendous, so a well-conceived and executed video can have an incredible impact on you. And you don’t need infinite budgets or large technical teams. A simple, original, useful and / or funny video can give you impressive visibility. Once your brand is known is when you can begin to consider promoting your ads on the Google search network.

Offline Promotion Actions

Of course, online actions are not the only ones that are going to give you visibility, although it is true that their potential reach is incredibly greater. However, offline promotion actions will also give a lot of visibility to your business or brand.


The posters and stationery are essential to give visibility to your company, both in the immediate environment and in your business contacts. Think about looking at different images, logos, logos, colors, typography and create materials with them. Business cards, letterhead and contact paper, envelopes, folders, etc., will help you to give your business an image and has a more than affordable price. Remember to include your web and email address in all your signatures, and invite them to follow you on social media. In addition, the posters will help to publicize your business in a fast and cheap way. 

  • Create a striking showcase or poster for your campaign.
  • Think that you can make an adhesive vinyl and you can place it on your car or on a magnetic surface to put on and take off.

Mailings / flyers

If your business is local, another way to promote it is to choose to post and distribute flyers or flyers in your area. It is cheap and in a short time allows you to reach a relatively large area.

In this case, you have the advantage of knowing the target audience well, with which you can adjust the message very well. Now, look for a good company to help you with this and if you want to distribute flyers on the street on your own, check the local regulations first, because not all city councils (nor all countries) allow the distribution of flyers in the Street.

Meetings / Fairs

A classic of business promotion. Therefore, do not hesitate to attend as many virtual fairs and professional meetings as possible and where profiles of interest to your business are concentrated. But think that it is not about exchanging cards, but about meeting people. That you know what they need or are interested in and that they know what you can offer and do for them.