World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Under pressure, the brain is forced to prioritize. As a result, working under pressure can help you to perform, as it focuses your attention on the elements that matter the most. However, when the pressure is too much, it turns into stress. Stress is an unhealthy kind of pressure. Instead of helping you to move forward efficiently, it sabotages you. Stress can be handicapping, even to the most experienced professionals. While there are plenty of handy tips to relax, you need to be in a situation where you can take the time to collect your nerves. A job interview, for instance, is none one of those. How do you manage stress during the interview process to brand yourself as the most suitable candidate?


Make sure someone has got your back

You might be a newcomer in the company, but it doesn’t mean you can have allies. Indeed, you can build a network of trusted professionals and partners throughout your field, who can support your expertise. Indeed, recruiters and interviewers are more likely to have a positive impression of you if they’ve heard your name mentioned before. You can leverage your professional LinkedIn connections to boost your visibility for new job openings. Additionally, your contacts can provide insightful information when you’re in the process of applying to a new company. 

Get help to nail your interview

Interviewing is not just a painful process that acts as an excuse to showcase your skills. It is a sophisticated art you can master with adequate interview coaching. Indeed, maintaining a professional and confident attitude when you’re trying to manage your stress is difficult. However, with the appropriate training, you can learn to create a positive interview persona that can not only provide the most relevant responses but also use smart communication tips. There’s nothing worse than stumbling upon your words in the middle of a sentence! But knowing how to behave during the interview process can provide you with an inside track to the interviewer. 

Get familiar with the company

Can you genuinely give a brilliant interview if you don’t know the business? The answer is no. Researching employers is a simple tip, but candidates too easily forget it. Think of it as a preparation before you take the stage during the interview. Research helps you to understand your audience and tailor your responses and application to suit the skills and experience they need. Reading about the key players in the organization can also help you to relax as you get to meet them. Their social media presence and biography can be a valuable source of information. 

Embrace positive and reassuring gestures

Lastly, your mind and your body work together to manage stress. If you can’t reason with your mind, you can proactively adjust positive gestures that will send a soothing message to the brain. Smiling, for instance, can help to release serotonin and decrease stress level. Adopting a friendly posture such as offering your hand first to welcome your interviewer, can also encourage you to feel more self-confident.


Stress plays on your self-esteem and your ability to impress. But only if you let it. As a professional, you can create a positive personal brand for yourself through coaching, research, network, and soothing gestures.