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Online retailers offer a popular alternative to street shopping, with a national revenue of over 504 bn USD accumulated in e-Commerce sales in the US throughout 2018. It’s easy to understand why. Most people find it more convenient to click and buy, especially when they’re trying to manage a hectic lifestyle. However, while customers love to shop online, they are savvy about their choices. The e-Commerce sector is a crowded market where only the most successful businesses can survive. While you might not be able to compete against a market giant such as Amazon, it doesn’t mean that you can’t build an effective online retail presence with a small brand. On the contrary, the secret to staying relevant in this busy market is to give your customers a little more than they expect!

Keeping the delivery process at hand

For a lot of customers, delivery can be a serious issue. Indeed, courier reviews have highlighted common problems experienced by users. Even though e-Commerce companies ask their customers to be understanding and not blame them for the courier mistakes, it’s fair to say that buyers hold you responsible for all delivery problems. Consequently, it’s a good idea to switch from an outsourced process to an in-house delivery fleet – which you can build through truck driver staffing agencies. Managing the entire process from merchandising to shipping can reduce the risk of frustration on the customer side.  

Maintaining the brand experience throughout

Buyers don’t choose your e-Commerce site for its price only. People commit to a purchase with a brand they trust. Therefore, if you want to grow your market, you need to focus your attention on your brand first. Creating a relatable brand for your business, and more importantly a brand that remains consistent throughout the buying process, sets the backbone of your online community. Indeed, with the community comes the promise of meaningful interactions, trust, and loyalty. When you establish your brand, you create a storyline that appeals to your customers.

Building engagement for customers, not business

How do e-Commerce businesses reach out to their audience? While online advertising such as Google shopping can help users to find, the product they need, more and more purchases occur at the back of online engagement strategies. Indeed, multichannel engagement has been shown to increase the order value by over 35% using video chat, and text chat to address queries in real time and provide guidance. Social media real-time conversations – such as answering questions – can also boost your sales by helping customers when they need it.

Don’t do all the talking

When it comes to social media presence, it can be tempting to create a visual platform that showcases all your products in the most flattering light. However, you need to encourage a connection with your clients by promoting their posts about your brand-, such as H&M with the hashtag #hmxme. The hashtag, launched by the brand, promotes customers posts – and regularly displays photos on the website too. By leaving your customers in charge, you immediately make your brand more relevant to their lifestyles.

The challenge for online retailers is to survive in a busy market. In a customer-facing environment, you can’t be satisfied with minimal services. You need to give extra to stand out from the crowd.