World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

You might think that employing people is only going to take a load off your plate, so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy owning your own business. But it’s not the case. You’re taking on people because you’re in a good place financially, and you and your business can’t cope with the strain of the few people you have working for you. Because when you first start out with your own business, it will most likely only be you and your business partner working for you. If this was a solo venture, a family member or perhaps someone you’re in a relationship might help you. But all that doesn’t compare to actually hiring your first employee, and then hiring another one, and another… until eventually you feel you have enough to run a tight ship. Except behind the curtains, it’s not as easy as just having employees working for you, and the pressure from your business being released. There’s a lot of added pressure and time needed to ensure your employees are happy, trained, and doing what they’re meant to be doing. So let’s try and take some of that stress away for you!

Self Management

Self management is something you definitely need to think about. A lot of the stress you’re feeling is going to be due to the fact that you’re probably micro managing every part of your employees day. Their hours logged, payroll, payroll issues, what they’re doing in a day… the list of things could go on. Whilst your employees might not know about this, you definitely will. Which is one of the reasons why more and more businesses are utilising employee self service to manage the people working for them. It makes it so much easier to deal with the issues such as payroll and tracking employee hours that you might have been suffering with before!

Common Troubles You Might Face

But there’s only so much that a software can do for you. You’re still going to have to be the face of the business that has to deal with the working issues your employees are going to go through. The biggest issue you’re going to face, is drama within the workplace that’s caused by your employees working together, day in, day out. But you would be a fool to ignore such issues, as they really can affect the productivity during the day. You need to be a mediator, and a person they can approach with issues because they know it’s going to be resolved in a heartbeat. As much as you possibly can, you want to ensure your employees are happy working together, and happy working for your company.

Keeping Them Keen
Money makes the world go round as they say, and if you want to keep your employees keen, you’re going to have to think about company benefits that will keep them interested. Promotions, bonuses, vouchers, company cars… the list of things that you could offer as an incentive could keep on going!