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The self-employed route might seem daunting and risky, but it’s becoming a promising career option for many professionals in the modern age. That’s because it’s more than a career opportunity – it’s a business opportunity. Working for yourself means you’re taking the entrepreneurial route to success. You’re the boss and the employee. That gives you a certain level of freedom in the business world, and that’s something desired by many skilled professionals in all manner of industries. But are there options for a self-employed individual with your particular talents or personality traits? Well, there are opportunities to monetise all sorts of skill sets in 2019. Let’s look at some freelance career options that might work for you.


One of the most rewarding freelance careers for modern professionals is writing. Obviously, there are many different types of writing careers out there, and that’s why there are plenty of doors open to you if you’re a creative individual. For those who have always had a way with words, this is definitely the industry to consider. Article writers can get started simply by being talented wordsmiths, as mentioned at It’s a promising job opportunity because clients are simply looking for professionals with expertise rather than experience. Many employers might not hire a candidate simply because they’ve never worked in such a firm before (many people have been faced with that nonsensical cycle of needing experience to get experience). But the beauty of being a writer is that you simply need to prove your abilities to the market. That’s it. Create a professional business website for yourself and include a portfolio that demonstrates your written ability. Once clients and businesses see that you’re proficient with regards to the written word, you’ll start to build a customer base for yourself.

You could sell your services on freelance sites such as Fiverr. Plenty of writers offer to create marketing copy and even short stories or scripts for buyers on there. You just need to learn how to advertise yourself and your business. As a freelancer, you need entrepreneurial drive as well as talent in a certain area. You might want to consider starting a blog. That’s a good way to earn some money on the side too. If you build up a following then you could make money by placing adverts on your website and perhaps even getting sponsored deals from businesses who want you to mention their brands. You could even work with link-building agencies by allowing guest bloggers to post on your website with sponsored links. There are so many ways to make money from blogging and writing online. The internet has opened the door for freelancers with written ability. It’s a very promising marketplace in 2019. As we’ve discussed before, just make sure you prioritise the work of your clients over your own personal endeavours. It’s important to uphold your reputation when you enter the world of freelancing. You are your own brand. You need to deliver a professional service to the market.

Graphic design.

If you’re an artistic individual then you might want to channel those talents into graphic design. Teachers often tell creatively-gifted students that they’ll struggle to make money from their talents in the real world. Well, whilst the modern-age Van Goghs of the world might not be able to make a living from selling their paintings, there are career opportunities for such gifted individuals in the business world. You could design logos, websites, adverts, and other types of imagery for clients. The beauty of being a self-employed graphic designer rather than an employed designer is that you can choose your own clients, keep the entirety of the profits, and explore many different avenues. You wouldn’t have to keep redesigning the same logo for the same firm. It’s a great opportunity for a creative individual who doesn’t want to end up working in some uninspiring finance role.

Home renovation.

A career in home renovation could be perfect for you if you’re a DIY fanatic or somebody who simply loves to keep their household in good shape. Why not help other people do the same? After all, you can only improve the design of your house to a certain extent. If you keep going endlessly then you’ll run out of time, money, and energy. Instead, once you’ve renovated your current home to perfection, you could earn a living by directing those creative talents towards renovating other people’s homes. Whether you take the career route of becoming an interior designer or dealing with the more practical side of fixing up houses, there’s a lot of money to be made here. A lot of people want to spruce up their humble abodes. And if you want to build up the necessary skill set to pursue this career then do your research and learn. You’d be surprised how many DIY tricks and techniques you can pick up just by watching YouTube videos. Just don’t tell clients that’s where you learned your stuff.

You could even help homeowners who are looking to sell their properties. You’ll find that there’s a big market there. Sure, plenty of people want to hire an interior designer or renovator to help spruce up the design of their home or fix up an old bathroom, but giving an entire household a makeover can earn you a lot of money. People really want to increase the value of their home in the eyes of real estate buyers, so you could take a big cut of that increase in property value if you make a big difference to somebody’s home. Becoming a home staging consultant could be a very rewarding career option if that type of job opportunity appeals to you. You’d essentially help homeowners to declutter and organize their households for the best results on the market. Whether you help real estate agencies or individuals who directly come to you, there’s a lot of money to be made in this sort of career. And if you love renovating or designing your own household then you should seize the opportunity to make a living from doing that.


A career in teaching is incredibly rewarding for anybody who wants to help shape the minds of the future but also have an opportunity to specialise in an area that they love. After all, there are many subjects that someone can teach, so you have plenty of options in terms of choosing a topic that suits your personality and academic accomplishments. But you don’t have to teach in a school. You could take the freelance route and become a private tutor. Teaching students in their homes (or renting out some teaching space) gives you the opportunity to control your own work hours and earning potential. You could also teach students of all ages. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make a difference to the world and each individual student who comes to you for help and guidance. Teaching might be a demanding career, but it’s one that more than makes up for this in terms of the impact you have on people. You could change the lives of others and change your own life.

Physical therapy.

If you’re a caring individual who cares about bodily health then you might want to consider a career in physical therapy. Helping people to alleviate their aches and pains can be an incredibly rewarding job role. It’s a healthcare-based role that’s slightly less intense and demanding than working in a hospital, for instance, so it’s well worth considering as a freelance career option. You could even consider becoming a masseuse if that’s an opportunity which appeals to you. You might want to check out for massage tables of a professional quality. It’s important that you have all the appropriate resources to run your business effectively. Remember, as a freelancer, you’re the boss and the employee.

Event coordination.The final career suggestion on this list is well-suited to any individual with organisational skills. If you’ve always been a very structured individual and the type of friend who always arranges gatherings for everyone else in the group then this freelance opportunity was tailor-made for you. Event coordination is a very broad-ranging career too. You don’t have to limit yourself to organising weddings and corporate functions for individuals or businesses. As explained at, modern event coordinators are essentially project managers. You could organise all kinds of events and conferences for big corporations. That’s the beauty of being a freelancer – you can stretch your talents and push yourself to try new things. No event is too big for you to plan. On the other end of the spectrum, no event should be deemed too small either. Some coordinators help couples to organise romantic outings or dinner parties at home. The broader the services you offer, the wider your target market will be. You’ll be able to build a bigger client base, gain a larger reputation, and become much more successful in this industry.