World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Do you experience issues as an introverted manager in a loud business world? Do you sometimes feel your colleagues would produce better work if you shouted more? Do you get the distinct feeling that the members of your team consider you as a pushover?

You wouldn’t be alone. Many introverted managers struggle to assert themselves in a world where loud personalities rein. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make this work. In truth, introverts make fantastic managers for many reasons. Introversion tends to come hand in hand with fantastic listening skills and a tendency towards creative thinking. Both of which are essential traits for any entrepreneur. Sadly, that won’t be enough to save you if your team don’t respect your authority.

Lucky for you, asserting yourself doesn’t mean you need to start shouting like other managers do. There are plenty of quiet yet powerful ways to achieve the same goal. Keep reading to find out what they are.

The power of the written word

If you’re planning to take disciplinary procedures against a team member, you will need to meet with them. But, the power of the written word works wonders for warnings. It’s possible to write an email which can strike fear into any employee’s heart. This is a fantastic way to let your staff know what you aren’t happy with without ever having to confront them. Admittedly, you need to make sure that you make yourself available if they do want to discuss your issues. Otherwise, this allows you to get yourself heard without once raising your voice.

Refuse to renew unhelpful outsourced contracts

Modern offices consist of more than just our employees. Now, we also rely on outsourced services. While we don’t manage them, we need third-party companies to respect our authority. Sadly, many don’t. What’s worse is that quiet managers renew imperfect contracts because they’re afraid of confrontation. If you aren’t happy with the way companies like these treat you, don’t make that mistake. Without having to say anything, a failure to renew shows that you aren’t to be messed with. Other companies are sure to pick up on that message. You needn’t even be worried about transitioning with options like this transition management consulting to hand. Services like these make moving to another provider as easy as possible. That then frees you up to put your foot down in a quiet yet impactful way.

Let your disciplinary procedures do the talking

At the very least, you should let your disciplinary procedures do the talking. You may not be forthcoming in shouting out your views, but these can take care of that for you. By putting things like a three strike rule in place, you make it clear that you don’t accept inadequate efforts. Let everyone know about this on their first day. Then, you shouldn’t need to shout to get people working the way you want them to. Something as simple as that can turn you into a boss no one dares to mess with.