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Efficiency isn’t just a buzzword. It represents the strive to get your workday at its very best. With fewer interruptions, less time wasted, fewer human errors, and more streamlined work processes, you can make a huge difference towards reaching your work goals. But what is it that makes an efficient workplace? It’s time to look at some of the key players that you can introduce to give your business a real productivity boost.


Clear goals

If everyone knows exactly what they’re aiming for, then it becomes much easier to focus their efforts toward what you want them to. Software tools like Clearpoint Strategy can help you put a system of key performance indicators in place, showing now only how well people are reaching their goals, but helping you identify the roadblocks stopping them from being so productive.


Reliable tools

If your business is like many others, then digital technology is going to be the most commonly used tool for carrying out work. If that’s the case, then downtime caused by security issues, loss of data, network disconnection, and other tech troubles might be the biggest barrier to efficiency. IT support from teams like eSudo Technology Solutions do more than offer a quick fix if a problem goes wrong. The biggest benefit of outsourced IT support is that it gives you a proactive approach to causes of downtime, reducing their likelihood in the first place.



Every task in the business should be considered a process, whether it’s mailing a package or completing a report. For those that are done most often, systemization might be the key. This involves finding the single most effective and least time-consuming method of doing it, then making it permanent by, for instance, creating a guide that allows new employees to learn that method.


Good communication

A lot of time and effort can be lost in the mire of communication. If your team is left to their own devices to find ways to ask questions, request resources, and generally communicate with one another, you will be left with asymmetrical communication standards across the business. Some will prefer instant messages, others will prefer phone calls, others will prefer emails. Creating a central communication hub with apps like Slack makes it a lot easier to ensure everyone stays in touch and has the same standards of communication. This means they’re a lot less likely to miss one another when trying to reach out.

A happy workforce

If your team isn’t engaged, motivated, and generally happy, then they are not going to be as invested in being efficient, productive workers, it’s as simple as that. You have to invest in their well-being, ensure they’re being developed, and reward good work if you want more of it.

The factors above do no make a comprehensive list of what you need to be efficient. When aiming for true efficiency, it’s about looking at exactly what you and your team do and finding the ways to streamline it all without sacrificing the quality of the work. Simply telling people to work harder doesn’t work, you need to put the right systems in place for a truly efficient workplace.