World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Regardless of your personality type, it is important to be authentic in all areas of your life- including the workplace. Often times, women feel the need to alter their personality so that they are not perceived in an ill light. We have all seen women in the media pictured as being the stereotypical passive employee or over authoritative boss, and it is exactly what we don’t want to be. Instead of focusing on this, we should focus on who we really are!


Regardless of whether you are an introvert or extrovert, you are as capable as any man in the office. So how do you harness the power of your personality instead of conforming? That is precisely what we are going to explore!

So… You Are An Extrovert

When people think of extroverts they picture outgoing, daring, and sociable individuals. Extroverts are often strong willed and outspoken- which are elements of their character they may feel they have to tone down in the workplace. This is a grave injustice to not only yourself but your company as well. For example, if you see a systemic problem within your company you should voice your opinion to a higher up. Chances are, other employees recognize the same issues but don’t have the courage to voice their opinions. By letting the problem perpetuate, you are stunting the growth of your company and your career.


A major issue many female extroverts share is the worry that they will be seen as bossy or harsh to other employees. Because of this, they shy away from leading projects or teams. When it comes to managing your extroverted character, it is important to be both a team player but step up when needed! Your ability to voice your opinion and stand up for your ideas is valuable. It also makes you a valuable member of your company, so never dilute your spirit.

So… You Are An Introvert

People often define introverts as timid and shy people, when it is far from the case. Introverts solely enjoy recharging by themselves. Their interests are often self directed, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy socializing with friends, coworkers, and family. With that being said, introverts can make powerful leaders in many arenas. In fact, they tend to be quite charismatic in social situations!


Many people, introverts included, may feel scared to voice their opinion in the workplace. This feeling is amplified especially if it is not a popular opinion or that of the majority. Introverts’ thoughtfulness and ability to take the time to think about a situation from all angles makes them extremely valuable to organizations. The key to harnessing your talents is to be confident and know that your ideas are perhaps the most well thought out.


Overall, women in the workplace are concerned with being perceived in an inaccurate light. Because of this fear, we police ourselves and our personality when we shouldn’t. The best way to get a seat at the table is to be yourself and harness your talents! If you aren’t sure where you lie on the scale of Introvert to Extrovert, take a Myers Briggs Personality Test! Not only will it help you understand yourself better, but it will give you insight into what your future can look like as well.