World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

I am going to try and make this sound like a breeze, because that’s the one thing that we don’t associate with our careers. Usually, all we can think about is the stress that they cause, and how many years we have left until retirement. We bet that gave you a bit of a fright didn’t it! To know that the majority of your life is going to be spent working is a scary thought to think. But, once you get your head around the prospect, you start to realise that you really do just want the easy life with your career, and that all starts with the ones that are easy to come by. In a world where people seem to be struggling with employment more than ever, we think this article will really help a lot of you. Here are some easy to come by careers, and how you can get your hands on one.





This is a bit of a unique one, isn’t it. If it’s so unique, you might be wondering how you could ever make a career out of it? Well, it’s easy. You either start your own company up, or you could easily find a trainee role to start in. If you were to go it on your own, you could set up your own mini farm to earn a living from. You would need things such as livestock, farming equipment, slimline water tanks and housing for the equipment and animal. It sounds like a lot doesn’t it, but in comparison to a lot of other business ideas, you would need a small startup loan here, and it would be easy to make your little farm profitable. Of course, you could go for the completely easy route and just go in as a trainee. You’ll still earn a nice amount of money, earn a trade in whatever part of agriculture you decide to go in to, and have fun whilst doing it!


Self Employed Work


Ooh, doesn’t going self employed just sound lovely!? You’re going to have the freedom to do pretty much whatever you would like to do, whenever you would like to do. We feel that this is the easy option in terms of getting the most enjoyment, and when trying to figure out what it is that you might want to do. For example, people can end up making a lot of money from photography, all that needs to be done is a big portfolio, finding what type of photography you’d like, and setting up social media pages. The same goes with anything else that you might want to set up for yourself, you just have to find something you enjoy, and sell yourself well!


Sports Based


A sports based career as a PT for example, is often the best way to go if you want an easy career. This is obviously going to work if you have a passion for exercise and sports. But people can do a short personal training course, as well as any other desirable courses, and then become a fully fledged PT. There are plenty of gyms that are taking on PTs to work within the gym, and then earn commission on each private PT session they have. It’s a win, win situation!