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In recent years, Dubai has become an increasingly popular destination for driven people wanting to move their lives and work to another country. While Dubai is renowned for its stunning architecture, wild nightlife and luxury shopping, what else attracts so many to uproot and move to this country? And are there any drawbacks?


We already know what incredible places like Australia have to offer, and now we want to find out the secret that Dubai holds too!


Booming business

If you are a professional person or an entrepreneur, Dubai is looking for you. As far as business goes, you couldn’t be in a place with more resources to flourish, and more desire for your skills. If you start or relocate your thriving business here, you stand a good chance at succeeding due to its vast economy. With this in mind, you can expect to earn a substantial amount of money there too!


Tax-free earnings

The previous point leads nicely to this. Not only can you earn a considerable amount of money in Dubai, but the money that you earn is also tax-free! It almost sounds too good to be true. This is indeed a driving factor behind why so many people make the move there. Even if the move is temporary, just think of how much saving you could do, being able to bring an attractive lump sum home with you.


Renting a home

Although purchasing a home in Dubai is an expensive and somewhat arduous task, renting apartments is much more straightforward and cost-effective. So, if you’re not planning on living there forever, these short-term leases are definitely the way to go. There are serviced apartments throughout the city, most of them already furnished and offering an excellent standard of living. This is also a fantastic opportunity to meet new people to explore your new home-city with.


More liberal than you may expect

It is common knowledge that the UAE has strict rules and laws to follow, most of them reasonably different to what we may be used to at home. Despite this, Dubai is a little less firm and a little more liberal than its fellow Emirates. Their smoking and drinking regulations are relatively easy going, as are the restrictions on uncensored tv. But be aware that rules such as no kissing or fondling in public, no topless sunbathing or revealing clothing in public and no premarital sex, still stand.


Religious freedom

Dubai is home to a multitude of faiths. Despite it being a Muslim city, the people of Dubai are welcoming to many other practising religions and have a reasonably multicultural society. There is a variety of places of worship such as mosques, churches and temples. Some Islamic traditions are still observed strictly – the most important being the month of Ramadan, where you will struggle to find a public place to eat or drink during fasting in daylight hours.



Of course, Dubai is not all sunshine and rainbows (or is it?). Where there are pros, it is inevitable that there will be a few cons too.


It’s not easy to get a job

It has been discussed that if you’re a professional person, you can achieve great things in Dubai, career progression wise, and financially. But it can be challenging to find a job. Due to the popularity of these opportunities, often the competition is exceptionally high. The attractive salaries make for very comfortable living so, in general, people tend to keep their jobs longer – meaning fewer job opportunities for you! Helpful sites like StaffPlace can aid your job hunt.


Driving drives you crazy

Perhaps due to the various nationalities travelling on Dubai roads, you can expect to see driving standards that are not to your taste. Driving can be hazardous – despite the traffic cameras and the promise of a hefty fine, many people find that road users in Dubai drive dangerously. There are a large number of supercars in Dubai, meaning that roads are often used as racetracks for those showing off their flashy fast cars. Mix this with a massive volume of traffic? It doesn’t make for comfortable, relaxed driving.


Too hot to handle

Many of us claim to love the sun and heat, and daydream of living in a warmer climate, but Dubai is hot. Very hot. All year round the temperature is scorching, with the only minor relief from the heat being November to March when you can expect temperatures in the mid-twenties. Humidity can be unbearable for most of the year, making enjoying that sunshine not so enjoyable after all.


All in all, there are pros and cons to every big move that you decide to take. Weighing up what is essential for you and comparing it with what Dubai could offer you, you will soon discover if Dubai could be the place for you next.