World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Any company manager should know that rewarding staff is an essential part of the job. How else can you expect them to be happy working for you? The last thing you want is for your team to feel underappreciated. Hence why you need to work hard at thanking them on a daily basis. You should also consider occasionally rewarding them in a significant way.

At least once a year, most bosses think of big ways to say thank you. Some use cash bonuses. Others offer annual company vacations. And, it’s this latter point we’re going to look at here. When it comes to laying on the love, it doesn’t get better than paying for a trip away. This is something your staff probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. It’s also a sure way to give them a break and show them you appreciate them.



But, if you’re an introverted boss, the idea of going away with staff can be daunting. After all, in the office, your relationships are purely professional. If you were to take a trip together, you’d be expected to do much more socializing. Still, you shouldn’t let your anxieties stop you giving your staff a good time. Instead, consider the following ways to make the trip easier for yourself.

Keep it short

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a vacation like this has to be a week long. While some bosses do go that way, you can keep this short and still achieve the same impact. This is a gesture of appreciation. You can say thank you with a two-day trip just as well as with a week stay abroad. And, by keeping this short, you can ensure you don’t push yourself socially more than you’re comfortable with.

Avoid awkward evenings with entertainment

Whether you go long or short haul, think, too, about evening entertainment. This will help avoid those awkward small-talk conversations. You can bet you won’t be the only one dreading that stuff, so this is sure to go down well. Rather than hitting a bar in the evenings, look out for hotels with entertainment. Book onto a cruise like those found at Bolsover Cruise Club, and make sure there are shows galore to go and see. You could even book up at theater showings or local gigs to keep you busy. The main thing is that you avoid the gut-wrenching need to make conversation for hours on end.



Let staff bring their families

Whether to let staff bring their families or not is a matter of discretion, but we recommend this. While you may want to limit everyone to a plus one, this will take a massive weight off your shoulders. For one, it’ll further work in your favor when impressing everyone. For another, it saves you having to bear the brunt of keeping everyone happy. During the day, you’ll find most team members are glad to go off with their loved one. Thus, you can enjoy stress-free days without having to worry about chitchat.