World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Looking good is more than an esthetic requirement. It’s for many professionals and individuals an essential factor of self-confidence, success and happiness. It would be foolish to pretend that beauty is not a social expectation; psychologists call the phenomenon ‘beauty premium’, as it appears that in some career paths good-looking people can make up to 12% more money than less-attractive colleagues. However, recent studies have demonstrated that the beauty premium is not the result of discriminatory behavior from the employer. People who feel positive about their appearance tend to extend the confidence boost to other areas of their life, including their work, which makes them more productive and successful. In other words, looking good is not the secret to professional success, it’s all about the positive consequences of feeling attractive.

Therefore if you want to have a beneficial impact on the business world, helping others to feel their best can drive them to unlock their can-do attitude and achieve more in their career. Whether you’re a medically trained expert or a fitness guru, you can encourage people to land their dream job with a new confident look.



Help your clients to keep a youthful face

Getting old doesn’t have to be the end of the world. But it’s fair to say that there are career paths where your age can be detrimental to your success. The most common industry in which the first wrinkles can get your application rejected is the film industry. Indeed, with an increasing number of scripts about young characters, it can be difficult for an aging actor or actress to remain relevant. Helping your clients to remain a natural and fresh-looking face for longer with a botox training and certification course can make a great deal of difference to their careers. Admittedly, the acting sector is constantly evolving, and there are more roles for mature individuals than they used to be. It’s also not the only sector in which a youthful look can be advantageous. As the market expects professions such as tech entrepreneurs, fashion advisors, and even real estate agents to be held by young people, it’s helpful for them to keep a fresh and smooth face for as long as possible.


Help your clients to achieve their dream body

What’s the first image that pops to your mind when you think of a dynamic and successful employee? A slim and fit individual is a common representation of modern employees. As a result, people who might be struggling with fitness issues feel left behind. Mentally, many don’t feel confident enough to apply to management and leadership roles when they are carrying extra weight. But as a personal fitness coach and a trainer, you can motivate and encourage them to achieve their body goals. Personal trainers tend to work within a gym studio, but you can also work as an independent advisor. It’s not uncommon for professionals to gain confidence as they learn to get back control over their body.


Help your clients to keep a healthy skin

Teachers, brand representants, managers, and actors often are in a position where they need to stand up in front of an audience of students, journalists, employees or even the greater public. As they do, they are scrutinized, not only for the message they convey but also for their appearance. A teacher who struggles with acne can find it difficult to be respected and perceived as a figure of authority in the classroom, for instance. That’s precisely why dermatologists are so important; skin issues can be affected by a variety of modern life factors from dietary preferences to stress. Unhealthy skin can affect not only someone’s confidence but also their status, social relationships and even mental health. Keeping the skin looking healthy can make a great deal of difference in their everyday life and job.


Building confidence through the right hairstyle

Do you know what is the most common transformation people go through before an important job interview? They change their hairstyle. Indeed, trying a new look helps people to create a new persona and embrace new challenges with a positive attitude. In most cases, a new style is synonymous with investing more time in yourself and consequently in your self-care habit. Hair stylists are a lot more important than one thinks: They create a style that best expresses the personality and requirements of their clients. Consequently, your role is to listen to your client’s backstory to turn their haircut into a self-esteem boosting machine.


While no professional is judged on their appearance, how they look is going to define how they feel about themselves. From helping aging actors to remain relevant to giving an applicant their confidence for a managerial position through a power hairstyle, beauty can drive professional success.