World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


There is an art to getting noticed, yet for most people living in such a busy, time-starved and fiercely competitive world that is already overcrowded with competitors vying for our attention… the idea of getting noticed can feel overwhelming, particularly to introverts.


That said, if you are a freelancer or have a business then you are going to need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and get noticed; as you have to get people’s attention, in the first instance, in order to build a connection with them so that they do business with you – it’s as simple as that.


There are many ways to get your marketing message out, and in the digital age where the phenomenon known as information overload means that a lot of advertising is simply turned into ‘noise’ that consumers try to block out, sometimes more traditional methods such as custom earth promos reusable eco friendly bags are more effective – as they are more subtle and ambient in their context rather than bombarding people with adverts they don’t really want to look at.


This article explores how you can help your business to stand out from the competition using this concept of niche marketing.



A niche is a more focused subset of a particular market, for example within the area of pet food you could chunk this down into a particular category such as dog food (not a niche) but go one level deeper and look at medicated dog food, for dogs with specific conditions, such as a tin of dog food that specifically helps dogs with arthritis – then we are talking about niche marketing.

Niche marketing is essentially about being more relevant to a particular group of customers, in that you are solving a particular problem and specific challenge they face.



Often, the broad markets are very crowded and well established.  If we were to think of this from a marketing cost perspective you want to get the greatest return on investment possible, and in spending money on digital marketing the cost per click for an advert relating to a broad phrase is normally going to cost more than a niche phrase.  A broad phrase might be something like “personal trainer in X” whereas a niche phrase might be “martial arts for women in X”.


In being more niche focused it means the person clicking on your advert is most likely going to be a more relevant customer that is looking for your particular solution, which is good, as you don’t want thousands of people clicking on your adverts – you only want qualified prospects – and the more focused your marketing is the higher the return on your investment will be.



It can feel counterintuitive to limit your market, by focusing on one specific group, particularly if you’re offering something that has broad market appeal (e.g. hairdressing), but in doing so, you position yourself as the go-to-expert within that category and align so strongly with a particular audience group that they become magnetically attracted to your specialist area of expertise and hunt you out.  


Remember, when it comes to marketing it’s all about people having problems and you providing a solution – if you can position your service, product or business as offering a more relevant solution this gives you a major competitive advantage.