World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

If you want to become the most valuable member of a team, there are a few things you can do. When you work towards ensuring your boss or superior is looking at you this way, you may be chosen over others for things like promotions, work trips, exciting projects, and more. Having many different views and workstyles in the workplace, it’s important you work to understand them and how you can make yourself fit in with them perfectly.


Contrary to what some people might think, becoming the most valuable member of a team doesn’t mean trying to sabotage their efforts or make them look bad. You need to know how to work effectively with a team to become the most valuable member. It’s all about being a team player.


Below, you’ll find many tips that can help you to become the most valuable member of a team. Enjoy!



Make Sure You’re Reliable

All valuable members of teams are reliable. You must say you’ll do something then actually do it. You can’t tell people you’re going to do something and then fail to follow up or deliver your promise. Many professionals say you should ‘under promise and over deliver’ so although you may be tempted to promise the world, and you may genuinely believe you can deliver it, you should hold back.


Be realistic and plan to make sure you can deliver what you say you’re going to deliver. Find ways you can stay focused towards your goals and this shouldn’t be a problem.


Always deliver what you say and you’ll be a valuable, trustworthy member of any team.


Sharing Resources With Your Team

Why is it that some team members keep important resources, information, and knowledge to themselves? Hoarding resources won’t get you far, so if this has been something you’ve been doing, be honest with yourself and stop now.


Don’t do this in an effort to stay the most valuable member of your team. Failing to be transparent with other team members will become evident. Not only that, by sharing knowledge, resources, and important information with your team, you can become a necessary member. You can become somebody they come to when they need help or information about something. This can make you extremely valuable and even irreplaceable.


Keep Managers Informed Of Your Progress

Your manager could be your boss or team leader. It could even be a dedicated project manager. It’s important that you’re dedicated to  meeting deadlines and communicating any changes with the manager so that they are up to date with what you’re doing and what they should expect. Keeping these people in the dark won’t go down well. You may be embarrassed that your project is behind or hasn’t gone to plan yet, but being honest about it is always going to go down better than keeping it to yourself and expecting nobody to notice.


Respect Different Work Styles

Each member of the team you’re in will have a different work style. Everybody is unique. Some people are introverts, others, extroverts. Some people will work better by doing something one way, some, another way. It’s not for you to judge and tell somebody they are doing it wrong, when it’s simply different to the way you are doing it. The important thing to do is find common ground with those who you’re working with so that you can complete projects and tasks together in harmony.


Ask questions to help find common ground with somebody who is different to you. Attempt to understand them better and how they work. Don’t belittle or intimidate. Making the effort to build connections with your teammates and find out what they are doing and why will allow you to work together better going forward.


Own Your Mistakes

One of the key things any valuable member of a team will be willing to do is own their mistakes. If you have made a mistake, it can be tempting to pass blame, say you don’t know why something happened, or make up a bunch of excuses. However, this is hardly fair, and more often than not people will see through this attempt at pulling the wool over their eyes.


It can be scary to admit to at first, but as we’ve mentioned multiple times, accountability is always valued over anything else. Owning your mistakes is a must. Accountability gives you freedom to work on a problem, rather than attempt to cover it up and pass it along to somebody else.


Remain Flexible And Willing To Change If Needs Be

Projects rarely go exactly as you planned them, so it’s important that you remain flexible and willing to change if needs be. You can’t stick too rigidly to a plan or get too attached to a particular way of doing things. You will likely have to do work you didn’t expect to do in order to move the project forward. You can’t prepare for the unexpected, but you can be willing to change and adapt if something does happen.


A flexible team player is usually one of the most valuable players in the whole team. You have to be able to take the changes and roll with them with little stress. Can you handle that?  


Go On Extra Training Courses

If you work in a great place, your management or superiors will hopefully care about you and your development enough to send you on separate training courses. Not only does this make you a better team player, it makes you better at your job and more employable in general.


However, there’s nothing stopping you from taking yourself on extra training courses. You could do part time courses, night courses, or even workshops over the space of a weekend. Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are will give you a good idea of the courses you could be doing. Communication is always a valuable skill, so working on this can never be a bad thing. Then you have courses and qualifications like those found on, which could make you a valuable member of the whole office/workplace, and not just the team. Look into these carefully and figure out what’s going to be best for you to do.



Know What Is Expected Of You And Go Above And Beyond

Make sure you know exactly what is expected of you, and aim to go above and beyond. Deliver with flair and take pride in your work. If you’re ever in any doubt, ask to speak with your manager.


Keep Up A Positive Attitude

People always prefer to be around those with positive attitudes, and yet so many people take a negative view on life. If you can look at life like the cup is half full rather than half empty, you’re going to have a better time getting people to like you and want to work with you.


Lift Others Up

Being able to lift others up is key in a team. If one member isn’t happy for whatever reason, it can affect the whole project. Make sure you can lift others up so that they feel inspired to continue with their job. Making people feel good about themselves is key if you want to progress in any industry.



Becoming the most valuable member of a team takes time, but it’s worth it. You need to be a people person and team player, so even if you’re an introvert, work on the skills needed!


‘Talent Wins Games, But Teamwork And Intelligence Win Championships.’ – Michael Jordan.