World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Forget about the whole “what’s the meaning of life” question because there’s another inquiry that’s perplexed people since records began and it goes like this: can introverts be great – or even average – entrepreneurs?


The reason for this question is pretty simple. Introverts are deemed to be shy, independent, closed and solitary types, while the personality traits more associated with great business leaders are more extroverted by their nature. It’s being charismatic, having a big personality, bucket loads of confidence and social skills that would put President Obama to shame, all of which are perfect for leading and networking.  


There’s no denying these traits have their advantages. It’s true. But you can’t start a successful business on charm-power or by standing out at an evening soiree. Nope. In fact, there are several introverted traits that are perfect for succeeding as an entrepreneur, and we’re about to delve into what those traits are:


  1. Listening Is Key

Nothing is more frustrating for an introvert than having their quietness be mistaken for shyness or even confusion. The truth is, introverts make naturally good listeners, observing situations and discussions before chiming in with their two pennies. And when they do, it’s not to fill the silence with hot air, it’s to add something truly valuable. This is good for two reasons: it helps build better relationships and it allows problems to be spotted earlier. That’s pretty crucial in entrepreneurship.


  1. Efficiency Is Everything

As big thinkers, introverts know exactly what needs to be done to boost how efficient they are with their time. It’s a way of counteracting the speed in which they act, preferring to spend time upfront critically thinking to make sure they are more effective. It’s knowing which software will help them manage their documents best, which you can learn more about at, what processes will help them be better prepared for the day ahead, how to separate themselves from co-workers when time is of the essence, and how to be intuitive when it comes to problem tasks. Being more efficient at all of these things is a huge advantage.


  1. Focus Is Far Better

Extroverts have this somewhat annoying ability to get by on bravado and that gung-ho attitude, but introverts have something else. They have the ability to knuckle down when the going gets tough and prevail with sheer will. Call it ambition. Call it drive. Call it a Type-A personality, or anything else you like, introverts get stuff done. They get their kicks from powering through last-minute proposals, late-night tenders, and against the odds situations. That’s where they get their biggest buzz. Flip the coin, though, and you’ll find extroverts struggle to deal with a project that demands alone time. They rely on others in order to get going, which isn’t always helpful.


  1. Empathy Is Underrated

Empathy is a trait we learn, not something we are born with, but introverts tend to have that ability to empathize more than some of their peers, which is great because the ability to be sensitive and see exactly where someone else is coming from is essential for business success.