World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

There’s something really empowering about being able to work from the comfort of your own home. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re able to schedule your job around other aspects of your life like children and friends, or maybe it’s because you don’t have to even get dressed to go to work. With so many benefits of working from home, it’s easy to let mistakes that you’re making slip past without even realising it. Take a look at these blunders you didn’t know you were making within your home business so that you can become more productive and achieve your goals for your business.



Not setting yourself working hours

While the beauty of working from home and for yourself involves being able to work when you want, it’s always a good idea to set up some sort of structure and schedule for working. Thinking to yourself that you’ll “work later on” is one of the worst mistakes that you could make for your business because you could in fact, be losing out on valuable hours that you could be putting into furthering your business. So, if you’ve got the children to tend to in the day time, set yourself a time in the evening to work so that you can live the best of both worlds.

Using your home address as your business address

Using your home address as your business address could lead to problems such as angry customers turning up at your door, or even spam letters and phone calls to your home address. So what’s the solution when your home address is your business address? Virtual office addresses. You can use capital for your registered office address, and in return you will no longer receive phone calls and letters, your home and business will be protected, and you will also have someone able to answer incoming calls to your business, meaning you no longer have to. Not only that, using a registered office address will make your business instantly seem more professional.

Working from wherever you like

It’s all too easy to grab your laptop and head outside during this glorious weather to work, or even to watch TV in bed and work from the comfort of your bedroom. However, it’s not doing your business any favours. With a dedicated space to work, you’re more likely to achieve more with your business because there’s nothing around to distract you. Not only that, having a space to work means that when you’re not working, you’re able to separate work life and home life. Give you and your business a chance by setting up an office somewhere in your home, and refraining from working anywhere else!

Not using time management tools

Finally, time management tools can really help a business accelerate. One thing that many home business owners do is spend too much time on certain tasks. While some tasks will be more important, it’s also just as crucial to delegate your time properly so that you can complete all of your tasks. Consider using time management tools to help you work more efficiently and also get the breaks you need!