World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

When we’re in our late teens, we are confronted with a question that will rest rent-free in our minds for many decades to come. ‘What do you want to be/do?’ are the words we continually ask ourselves over and over. For the majority of the world, we just don’t know until we try other things. In that sense, we know what we don’t want to do which leads us to actively pursue what we do want to do. Careers are earned not inherited so you have to start at the bottom in each new choice you make. Jobs that involve entrapping yourself in the online world are plentiful. Every industry has a field which is dominated by people who have a keen eye for detail, formulating and organizing, formatting and analyzing data. A little part of us all exists purely in ones and zeros. Vital information is stored in the databases of millions and millions of companies. When the online world makes more sense to you, shirk off your doubts and go for a career that fulfills your ambitions.



Standing on guard

Data in all shapes and sizes are treated like money itself by businesses. Customer data, inventory data, worker data, contract data, your name it, it’s all vital to the livelihood of a business. What we know in society is that customer data is incredibly sensitive. This topic of security and personal data is very touchy for us because it’s in the realm of privacy and civil liberties. So if you have a mind that isn’t just sharp but always on the prowl in guard dog mode, then a career in the data security administration field is going to suit you best. You’ll specifically make


Organize then analyze

Successful companies have learnt they must collate data from their customers regarding different aspects that intertwine with one another. Take the healthcare field, for example, patients that have a history with a certain illness can be treated better if the provider works with a pharmaceutical company. This company then communicates with the treatment manufacturer and in accordance with the wishes of the doctor, patient and pharmaceutical company, issues a treatment that the patient has not yet been administered. Data developers work in a Hub Services Platform that stores all this data in one centralized manner. Therefore every entity involved in one patient’s care is continually in contact with the rest. The types of things you’ll be doing in this role are designing and developing processes that support reporting and provide business intelligence capacities. Applying subject matter expertise to the engineering of the database is a speciality route that encourages creative problem-solving.

Who says women can’t work in the online world of databases? Those who have a mind that can analyze and securely store precious data will always find a home in any business in the world. If you have such talents regarding data, look for each of these roles to build up a new career.

that scattered data into an unreadable form, and then pluck it out of cyberspace when it’s needed. Companies are well aware of the ever-changing and rapidly improving skills of hackers and cyber-criminals. Thus the data security employees are some of the best paid in any business.