World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Having a career is something we often just fall into. Not really knowing where we want to go in life with our careers and simply taking the first job that takes our fancy or interests us ever so slightly. However, these jobs can be our careers and end up being some of the best decision we ever make, but if you don’t feel confident it can often feel like your chosen career, now matter how you chose, can feel like it is slipping away. So I thought I would share with you some of the best ways you can excel in your career when your confidence is feeling low.



Consider additional training


One of the first things you could consider is additional training in your current job. Speaking with your manager could highlight some of the areas that you might want to consider improving. Apprenticeships, on the job training and knowledge transfer are all things you could consider and it might be the ideal way to excel. You may be wondering what is knowledge transfer? In theory it is a form of on the job training that could be established between you and your manager or coworkers. It can help to boost your confidence as you start to develop the skills and the knowledge to excel in your career.


Work on your self-esteem


Your self-esteem can be a real damper on your career when it comes to your confidence. You end up attacking yourself personally, be critical of the work you do, even when there isn’t necessarily anything wrong. This can also be to do with your mindset so it is advisable that you really work on how you think and gain a more positive approach to your life.


Have regular meetings with your line manager


Sometimes it is best to speak to your line manager regularly so that you can start to see a difference in how you approach your work. Meetings can discuss targets, your improvements and also what you can do to feel confident in your role. Sometimes just hearing it from someone else can really help you to feel more focused and also start believing in yourself a little more. Often that can be the key.


Do something that you feel passionate about


Sometimes going back to the drawing board can boost your confidence in different ways. Doing something that you feel passionate about can actually give you the confidence that you need as the inspiration and motivation to succeed comes more naturally to you. Changing your career or reminding yourself why you love the job you do can give you the insight into your confidence levels and help you work on them moving forward.


How you look can affect how you feel


Finally, how you look can affect your confidence levels. Power dressing and feeling prepared for the job you do can really help boost your confidence in how you are doing the job. Whether you choose to dress up smart, or just dress appropriately for your workplace you can still make a difference.  


I hope that this can help you excel in your career even when your confidence is low.