World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Businesses need employees to succeed. The equation is simple: quality workers=high return on investment. Great, because this means all you have to do is find an excellent workforce and get cracking. But, beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. For every run-of-the-mill, solid guy or girl you hire, they’ll be a maverick. Now, they have their cons yet are also incredibly creative and innovative and businesses need these traits. Managing them, however, is a different proposition because what makes them great also makes them combative and easy to flare. The question is, then, how does a leader keep them happy?


Don’t Say No All Of The Time


Because they come up with far-fetched, ridiculous ideas at times, it’s easy to say “no, thank you.” But, unlike average employees, they take rejection to heart and store it deep down. They’re like elephants with behavioral issues. Rejecting them too many times can have a serious impact on your relationship as they won’t receive the love they need. When the time is right, say yes and give them the flexibility to get their creative juices flowing. For example, make them the lead on a project and offer them the chance to shine.


Give Yourself Some Space


The idea that an internet connection can solve your problems is out of the left field. Still, it’s true nonetheless because it acts as a bridge between the obstacles. For instance, they want the freedom to do work without being constantly held back. On the flip side, you need them out of the office to prevent further disruptions. Working remotely, then, is a perfect compromise. All you have to do is use a company such as ProviDyn to ensure the connection is stable. Also, it’s important to keep in touch and communicate on a regular basis without suffocating them.


Listen Attentively


Usually, bosses don’t listen. At least, they hear what the person is saying but don’t read between the lines. Often, the answer is in this space waiting for you to find it and create a solution. But, it won’t happen unless you listen to what a person has to say. A common example is an employee being super dedicated because there is a problem in their personal life. Protecting a project from failure is more important when a relationship breaks down. Once you understand the dynamic, then you can talk candidly and gain their trust. If they know you’re there to help, they won’t rebel as hard.


Cut Your Losses


If you have tried everything, it may be time to get rid of them and find a recruit. Although it’s a last resort, it is worth keeping in mind if the relationship has become toxic. Of course, you can’t fire anyone without a good reason and that is why you should document their behavior. That way, if they don’t improve, the leverage is in your hands. Never use this as a manipulative tool but as a backup just in case.


How have you dealt with mavericks in the past?