World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

When you work from home and if you are a homeowner, your house will be the most important thing you own. It is incredibly valuable and because of this, we want to always look after it as best we can. When you become a first time buyer it can be daunting coming face to face with the different jobs you need to complete throughout the house. If you want to look after your home this year and make sure it stays solid and healthy, here is what you can do.


Maintain the roof


As you may or may not already know, the worst enemy of your home is water. If water seeps into the structure of your house you will suffer with mould issues, damp and the overall foundation of your house can become weak. The first place water will enter your home is through the roof. In order to maintain your roof you need to regularly check that the tiles are secure and steady, seal the roof from the inside, and make sure you check for pests such as bats or wasps.


Clean your gutters


The gutters of your home are used for keeping water away from the roof and the ground. They are an integral part of your home and are needed in order to drive water away from your house. Every few months you should take the time to check your gutters to make sure that they are clean and unbroken. Check for gaps and cracks in the gutter in order to keep them working fully, and make sure you clean debris out of them to allow water to flow away from your house.


Check for cracks


When you are taking stock of your home, there should never be any new cracks in the walls, and any which were already there should not have expanded. If cracks begin to show and they expand this can be a sign that your home is not draining sufficiently, or it could be a sign of subsidence. It is crucial if you start seeing cracks in your walls that you seal them with a product such as those mentioned in the Seal with Ease’s buying guide, and then take some time to explore the deeper cause of the cracks. It might be worth calling a professional to check things out for you.


Rid the house of pests


Pests are any creature who causes damage to either your home or your person, and they are creatures which need to be removed from your home. For example creatures like termites will worm their way into the wooden beams of your home and they will cause a huge amount of damage to the structure of your house. Make sure that if you see the signs of a pest like this that you immediately call pest control to rid your home of the problem. If you don’t take the time to check for pests in your home you could be too late and face a huge amount of damage to your home which cannot be fixed.