World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Have you ever wanted to share knowledge with people? Perhaps you have toyed with the idea of becoming a teacher in the past, but because you know yourself to be an introvert and maybe think you couldn’t stand in front of a class of students. There are a lot of different ways to teach, and introverts can bring some of the strongest and quietest skill sets to the classroom.


Well, here are five surprising things that introverts can bring to the classroom.



  1.    Thoughtfulness. An introvert is naturally a thoughtful person, due to this, you can see and respond to those you are teaching with individual care. If you happen to be teaching younger pupils, you’re adept at thinking through the ideal response for every student. An incredible skill when you are growing eager minds.


  1.    The listening skills of an introvert are brilliant. Allowing you to absorb information fully, then appropriate form actions or responses appropriate to the situation. Listening is a skill that most people have to learn. Amazingly it comes so naturally to you as an introvert, that you are way ahead of where most of us start. This skill is ideal for mentoring and counseling positions; you can find out more about counseling and mentoring should it spark your interest.


  1.    Creativity. The art of being alone has long been said to foster great creative moments. Introverts naturally appreciate time alone, rather than see it is a chore or a hardship, like many extroverts might, you can use the time to foster brilliant creative moments. Ones which will then follow you into the classroom. Furthermore, you can see genuinely innovative solutions presented by your students that may not necessarily have impressed other members of staff.


  1.    Introverted teachers, bring the spirit of group work to life. While many students love to take part in group activities, for some it can be overwhelming and all too much. Working in groups and teams is a common theme in many walks of life and a lot of job backgrounds. What can you bring to the table? Being aware of how an introvert might approach the group activities you can make them more relaxed and introduce new elements. You can replicate the synchronicity of the classroom by using online sharing software or cloud-based options. You can also make sure the early stages of group dynamics, where many students will choose their roles, that introverted students perhaps get more research-based roles – or ones that fit their skill set.


  1.    Conflict management. Often in classroom scenarios, there can be a bit of conflict. Introverts deal with this in a way that not many people do. You can think the situation through slowly, look at all of the outcomes and handle conflict sensitively – so it doesn’t blow up. Afterwards, you can sit down and fully consider what happened, and bring those reflections back to the people or person in question. Making this skill fabulous for debriefing and viewing a situation from all angles.


So there you have it, 5 simple ways you can bring the power of the introvert into the classroom, from group work to counseling – you can do it all.