How to Recharge Your Batteries When You’re All Peopled Out

It’s just a fact of business that you’ll have to interact with people. While most of these interactions will be just fine, there’ll be days or weeks when it all seems too much. At those points, you’ll want to find a way to recharge your batteries. But good news – this isn’t so difficult! No matter how many niggling human interactions you’ve had during the day, there’s always a way to bring your energy levels back, which will ensure you’re able to deliver your best the following day at work.



Take A Long Walk Home


Sometimes, you just need a bit of space, a little bit of time in your own head. While this can sometimes be difficult to carve out, you probably have more opportunities than you realize. If you walk to and from work, then consider taking a longer route back to your house. There are few problems that an hour-long walk can’t fix! If you take public transport, get off a couple of stops before the one at which you’d usually alight. Load up your favorite tracks on your smartphone, plug in, and let your mind wander as you leisurely make your way home.


A Weekend Away


You work a lot, yes, but you’re unlikely to be working every single day. As such, you have a couple of days to play with! One of the best ways to refresh is to spend some time in nature. You can go by yourself, or take a partner or a friend, providing they know it’s not going to be a social trip. If you have the full weekend, then go camping. All you’ll need is some sleeping equipment from 4WD Supacentre, food and drink supplies, and a few camping essentials. After a night or two of sleeping under the stars, you’ll return to civilization ready and raring to go.


Switching Off


When you’re all peopled out, you’ll crave solitude. But there’s a problem: that’s pretty hard to get these days! If you’re always connected to the internet, then you’ll never really be alone – you’ll be one message away from being grabbed back into modern life. So here’s a radical idea: switch off your tech for the night. Unplug the wifi, shut down your computer, and have some uninterrupted “me time” for the night.


Into Your Mind


There’s a reason why so many people swear by mindfulness these days: it’s a great way to regain a sense of calm and order when everything around you seems to be a blur of noise and light. You can do it anywhere, including during the day, and take yourself to a calmer state of mind. It’s an ideal tool to have in your locker on those days when everything seems too much.


The Old Classics


Finally, don’t forget the tried and tested methods! Reading a book, taking a bath, or spending the night with your favorite musical group are all methods that introverted people swear by. Get comfortable, take care of yourself, and you’ll be ready to take on the world in the morning.


Four Ways To Self-Promote Even An Introvert Can Try

Although it’s proven time and again that introverts have a number of skills that make them great business people, when it comes to the self-promotion needed to get ahead, they can struggle. What’s needed are some strategic suggestions to show that is is possible to self-promote within your comfort zone.


There are ways to get your message across without bragging that are still impactful – learning at least a few of these and using them skilfully can have a massive impact on your career and your business. The best thing? Most of the actions you can take are straight forward and won’t make your spine tingle with embarrassment.


Pen an article to show your expertise


Dilemma – you want to demonstrate your hard-earned knowledge and show potential clients and employers that you’re an expert in your field. But you don’t want to shoehorn your expertise into every passing conversation. What can you do? By authoring an article, you get a chance to help others by sharing knowledge, while also showcasing your own experience and skill. So, start by crafting an article on a hot topic that clients often ask you about, or that has an angle on a current item of news. Then spread it far and wide – contribute to newsletters, submit it to local business magazines and see if there are any business blogs in your niche accepting guest posts. LinkedIn is also a great platform to share relevant articles to contacts and their wider networks. Join a few virtual groups focused on your industry and spread the word. Use the article to showcase your voice and your opinion. Highlight things that matter to you and show what problem you can solve. Once you’ve mastered the first time, you could brainstorm other topics and make it a regular thing. This may gain you quite a following, which is exactly how to become an asset to your company.


Practice Telling Your Story


Humans are creatures that love a good story – and if you make your personal native compelling enough, people will always want to hear it. The best tales are ones that are practised and polished, so that they become both refined and concise. Start by learning to articulate your why. Not what you do, but why you do it? What fires you up in the world? What sparks your passion? What one thing is your business or career going to change? Once you’ve distilled that essence, you have a story to tell. Take the chance to tell that story to business contacts and people you meet. You’ll be presenting them with something genuine, which will ‘sell’ what you do in a good light – and if it’s something you believe in, it won’t make you uncomfortable. Whether you realise it or not, you are constantly in sales mode when you meet new contacts. So make it more comfortable by finding a way to speak from the heart about what it is you do.


Learn The Power of Thank You


‘Thank you’ is a more powerful word than we realise. It can change situations, win people over – and help an introvert promote themselves cleverly without being arrogant. Bring others with you by thanking them in reference to your own accomplishments. This will make you come across as gracious and make advocates of others. For example, acknowledging the support of your team, or a mentor. This has the double effect of making you humble while also highlighting something you’ve achieved – it’s literally a win-win situation.


Use Reciprocal Endorsement


You don’t have to sing your own praises if there’s another party willing to do it for you. Earn public endorsements by giving them out yourself. Create testimonials thanking those you have worked for a great job where appropriate. Providing endorsement for others is also a subtle way to shed light on your own achievements in a way that isn’t all about you, but allows you to highlight the complementary roles you’ve played with someone else. In return, others will be much more willing to endorse your own work – be that word of mouth referrals or on social media. A detailed case study showing a project that you’ve worked on with others can also be informative, while providing a platform for mutual praise.


These methods are great ones because none of them require you to stop being humble. There are ways and means that even an introvert can use to come top of the range at self-promotion


Careers That Could Be Perfect For An Introverted Individual


Searching for the perfect career can be very stressful for introverts. Many of us fear the idea of big crowds, and a hectic office environment doesn’t sound particularly appealing. Still, whether you’re a sociable introvert or not, there are more options available to you than you might realise. Not every job requires you to socialise with clients or employees on a regular basis. Many companies are just looking for people with a certain talent, and introverts have many hidden talents. You just need to find opportunities that allow you to put your skills to good use. Here are some career options that could be perfect for an introverted individual.


Creative careers.

Creative careers are often perfect for introverts. Expressing yourself through creative forms might be the easiest way for you to communicate with others. It makes sense that you should find a job which allows you such a level of artistic freedom. You could pursue a career in graphic design if you have a flair for drawing or painting. You could become a copywriter if you’re skilled when it comes to the written word. You could even create your own career by starting a blog. There are so many options out there for creative people, so put your talent to good use.


Caring careers.

Many introverted people are very caring, and there are plenty of careers that will allow you to flourish in this sense. You could become a counsellor, for example; helping individuals overcome their problems is a great career option for empathic people. Of course, there are other kinds of caring careers. Perhaps you want a job that allows you to cater to guests. You might be a relatively introverted person, but helping guests in a one-on-one capacity might be your style. The hospitality industry could be perfect for you. Managing a hotel or a restaurant could be the perfect way to meet people’s needs. You could even study to get your MBA in hospitality if you want to manage or run a business in this industry. Leadership roles in hospitality businesses can be very rewarding to sociable and driven individuals.


Analytical careers.

Many introverts are big thinkers. They might not be keen on socialising in a crowded room of people, but they love to analyse a problem. If that sounds like you then you might want to pursue a career that puts your problem-solving skills to good use. You could consider a career in the financial industry. It’s the perfect career for somebody with an analytical brain. You’ll have the opportunity to get your head down and focus on crunching numbers, but you could also be part of a dynamic and fast-paced environment if you don’t want to be too isolated. Alternatively, you might want to pursue a career in computer programming if your talents lie in coding (or you want to learn how to code). Again, it’s another opportunity to pursue a career that lets you solve bugs and other problems in an environment that isn’t too socially-demanding.

Is It Time To Pour Water On Your Introvert Burnout?

Burnout is a pretty common word in the working world. Whether you’re an extrovert, you could fall foul at some stage. We all have our limits. Perhaps the only difference is that some of our limits are a lot closer than others. As a general rule, introverts reach that edge much faster than others. For the most part, this is due to a little thing known as introvert burnout.



For the most part, that is what it says on the tin. Introverts often burn out faster because social interactions leave them feeling more drained. Sometimes, it comes on faster due to introverts being sensitive and cerebral people. Whatever the reason, it’s essential you recognize the possibility and do what you can to avoid it.

On a human level, avoidance is essential for wellbeing. Note, too, that burnouts could impact your work, and even lead to severe problems. Office workers who deal with numbers, for instance, could make fatal mistakes when working past their limit. Those who work on the road could find themselves on the wrong side of a fatigued driving lawsuit if they keep pushing themselves to far. And, the list could go on. So, we’re going to look at three ways to make sure burnout like this doesn’t burn your career to the ground.

Recognize the signs


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Recognizing the signs of burnout is essential. How else will you know when to take a step back? Don’t make the mistake, either, of thinking these symptoms manifest like regular burnout. Introvert burnout is unique, and so are the symptoms. As well as exhaustion, symptoms include negative thoughts, unexplained anger, and feelings of isolation. When you come to recognize the signs that you’re reaching the end of your tether you can take action before it’s too late.

Arrange a work environment which works for you

Even when you recognize the signs, it’s unlikely you can just drop work commitments. Instead, make efforts to arrange a work environment which works for you at these times. Work spaces which are productive for introverts are often very different to those which work for extroverts. And, if you’re on the brink of burnout, an open plan office space could tip you over. Instead, speak with your boss. See if you can arrange remote working for these periods or even an office with a little less bustle in it. Taking yourself away from the action like this could be all it takes to refresh.

Stop going out after work


It’s also worth noting that, during periods of burnout, it would pay not to go out after work. There’s often a pressure to meet with friends or attend night classes, but these will only worsen your burnout. After all, even desirable social interactions can leave us introverts feeling drained. Instead, be honest with people. Let them know that you’re suffering and need some time on your own. You’ll soon find that merely having your evenings to recharge can go a considerable way towards keeping burnout at bay.

Building sales confidence for introverts – 5 key steps



To sell: the act of selling; specifically: the transfer of ownership of and title to property from one person to another for a price.

Be prepared:
Know your product/business extremely well, confidence will grow from there.
Know all you can about your potential customer/buyer before you meet, information does make a difference.

Focus on your strengths:
You´re naturally a good listener, answers to the questions regarding the product/business you are selling will flow smoothly.
Usually, you are better when communicating one-to-one than with groups, so focus on your strengths and the passion for what you do.

Digital Marketing, Social Media are a mean to an end:
Marketing often takes us – introverts – out of our comfort zone, that´s a good thing, believe me.
See it as it is, a tool that will help you reach your goals.

Referrals will become your best friends:
A successful transaction means you established a solid relationship with your costumer, inspiring trust by being confident with yourself, with your product or business, and showing the knowledge required to provide the better advice to the customer.
Establishing a good relationship with your customer from the very beginning will only help you to achieve your goal.

Generate new business opportunities:
Now the customer has become a client that will happily refer you to friends, family, colleagues, all potential clients to you.
Make sure to follow your leads, and to keep them up to date with new business opportunities.

Introverts Are Better At Business Than Extroverts. Here’s Why


Being an introvert is often seen as a disability in business. It’s almost as if not wanting to speak to people is a bad thing. Apart from being the weird person in the corner, you’re also someone who doesn’t have the confidence to succeed. Write them off now and don’t give them a second glance is the diagnosis. Nope, give me an extrovert any day of the week.


Surprisingly to some, extroverts aren’t as equipped to deal with business success. As it turns out, introverts hold the key. Below are four reasons why the shy, seemingly timid person at the interview table may be the perfect hire.


They Like Solitude


They’re by no means the type of person who shuns all human contact. People like Sheldon Cooper are few and far between. Sure, they have no issue with being alone because they enjoy solitude. It gives them time to think over their next moves and how to succeed. This is the first reason introverts are essential to the office. Secondly, they don’t shout out as soon as an idea pops into their head. Rather, these people internalize it and tell the boss when it’s a viable option. Thirdly, they are great in small groups such as business meetings. See – solitude isn’t a negative.


They Don’t Need Validation


Extroverts must get someone to give them a pat on the back for their work. Apart from being tiring, it’s time-consuming too. Managers who have other things on their plate need to stop what they’re doing every five minutes to validate an idea. Introverts have no need for this type of interaction. Instead, they do the best job possible by trusting their knowledge and gut instinct. Some people may say this is a bad move but a stomach is a form of data. It’s an automatic impulse which says yes or no depending on the situation.


But They Aren’t Arrogant


Don’t see a lack of validation as overconfidence. They are confident in their abilities, but they aren’t arrogant enough to believe they know everything. Extroverts are because the glory is the most important thing. As a result, an “inny” will look for outside help as and when they come up against a stumbling block. Imagine selling a business and needing to find a buyer. An extrovert will try to be the realtor whereas the introvert will delegate to an expert. Which one is the best option is a no-brainer.


They’re Quiet


Yes, this is a good thing. Confident employees are obsessed with proving themselves right. They can’t be wrong as it will ruin their ego. So, it’s hard to have a grown-up conversation with them as they try to interrupt and argue back. Introverts are different because they listen, take in the info and then respond. Therefore, it’s easier to get on a level and work through whatever differences may pop-up. From a management point of view, they are a piece of cake as there is no need to hold their hand.


Can you see the benefits of introverts now?

Five Productivity Hacks for Introverts

As an introvert, you might think that you need to take on the world and do it all alone, but this will not work long term. You will have to take your ideas public, show your face in videos, engage in networking, and take advantage of the support of other like minded people to improve your productivity. Below you will find five productivity hacks designed for introverts to help you take your business to the next level.



  1. Cloud Collaboration

You don’t have to meet clients and contractors if you don’t want to. Introvert business managers can take advantage of the advanced cloud technology to collaborate with colleagues, keep on top of projects, and provide feedback without being worried about hurting others’ feelings. You can also find plenty of productivity measurement tools on cloud apps designed for business owners to help you overcome your obstacles and improve your work processes.

  1. Anonymous Feedback

Sometimes we can only guess that we are doing things right, and need a confirmation. Introverts, however, cannot face direct criticism or ask for an opinion openly. The good news is that there are plenty of online networks where you can get people to give you an unbiased opinion on your latest website design or marketing strategy. You should take advantage of the feedback and improve your processes and approaches, so you can become more efficient at the work you are doing.

  1. Networking

Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the hardest things to do as an introvert, but it always pays off. In case you are not comfortable attending networking events in person, you can find online groups where you can connect with like minded people and get advice, recommendations, and even free expert advice. Business support networks can help you feel like you are a part of a community, and make you realize that you are not alone with your problems.  

  1. Brainstorming Sessions

If you would like to find solutions to your most urgent business problems and cannot seem to have any ideas, you can hold brainstorming sessions alone or with your colleagues. Use the Mind Mapping technique to turn your ideas into solutions and plans, and don’t automatically exclude solutions just because they are unconventional.

  1. Learn to Outsource and Trust Other Professionals

When you are overwhelmed with business tasks, you cannot focus on things that are more likely to take your business to the next level. It is important that you learn to trust other business owners and professionals and outsource some of the unproductive processes in your business. Find local to take the weight off your shoulder, get an accountant, and make sure that someone takes care of your tax accounts, too.  


If you would like to improve your productivity and get more done in your business, you might want to take advantage of the latest technology and allow others to contribute. Getting started with networking is a great challenge for introverts, but if you manage to overcome your limitations, new doors are guaranteed to open for you.


Why An Introverted Personality Can Be A Great Gift If You Want To Be A Doctor


Being a doctor is one of those professions that is seen to be one of the major pillars of society. It commands respect, is a difficult job, and, as a result, it’s not the most natural choice for an introvert. But, in fact, having introverted tendencies can lend itself very well to the rigors of hospital shifts. So if you are considering this approach in life, what makes you, as an introvert, supremely suited?


An introverted mindset can mean being viewed as over emotional. And while there are many doctors that argue the point that being over emotional is to the detriment of the profession, having a steady balance between the two, and having empathy with patients and family members, especially when facing death, is an essential quality. We’ve all experienced a doctor that appears to be robotic, and this ends up tainting our experience of the hospital, regardless of how positive or negative the outcome. And although you need to look after yourself and provide the right balance, it’s important that you show enough humanity.

A Sheer Focus

When on the hunt for suitable staffing roles, you may begin to think that your overall personality type might not serve you well because of the outgoing nature of the role. But, in the role of a doctor, especially when undergoing staff training, you can slowly begin to develop confidence in the appropriate areas. Many physicians talk about the idea of mental preparation, especially before they go on shift. This well of strength can provide you with that focus to complete a task with unwavering concentration. When looking for a suitable position, location can come into play, where you might find that it’s better for you to start off with a smaller practice. There are numerous resources that can help with this, the Locum Tenens physician staffing options how many, and can give you the confidence to choose a place of practice that benefits your temperament. But it’s important to remember that with every aspect of the profession, there will be times where you feel out of your depth. This is something that every doctor goes through, and so, your sheer focus will give you that inner strength to perform tasks efficiently.

Being Approachable

Every doctor goes into the profession wanting to do their utmost to provide care for those in need. Being and introverts in a powerful position that like a doctor means you are not standoffish, or bullish in any way, but rather, you are more approachable. As a result, this gives you a far better position when speaking to family members who are constantly putting up the defenses. Being calm, quiet, and focused, gives you a sense of strength that is more identifiable with others.

It can be a profession that comes with extreme highs and lows, but being a doctor doesn’t just require skill, it requires human qualities that benefit everybody. As a doctor is one of the pillars of society, it can be easy to abuse this power, and as we see so many doctors over the years become hardened, or unapproachable, it’s these people that make us reticent to go for treatment in the first place. You have a gift that endears you to people, so use it.



An Introvert’s Guide To Managing Stress


As an entrepreneur, you relish getting up in the morning to work on your business vision, design strategies that will see your business grow and help your business become a market leader. The fact that you have set up your very own business entity that is making a profit, competing against its rivals and helping you learn the art of entrepreneurship should be celebrated. However, there can come a time when stress rears its ugly head and can push you a little off course. Those mornings waking up filled with anticipation for the working day ahead may be replaced by mornings of dread when all you want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. Don’t worry. Everyone encounters stress at some point in their lives, it is simply up to you how you choose to manage it.


Financial Worries


Money is the single biggest stress in people’s lives. This is even more apparent if you run your own company and your very livelihood depends on the success of your business. To counteract the stress, ensure that you lean on others. As an introvert, it may be difficult to open up; however, by working with an accountant you will get a clearer picture of the financial situation of your business. Together, you can come up with tactics to lessen the financial stress on the business, increase profits and save on tax.


If your cash flow is causing you unwanted sleepless nights, consider applying for extra finance simply to get you through this tougher financial patch. Heading to a site like and reading their impartial guides to loans can ease your worries.


Manage Your Time


Stress is a vicious circle as described at You may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. While you are right, you are still working eighteen hour days to tick off everything on your to-do list. Stop. This won’t work. Your efforts will be inferior, your work will be of a lower quality and you will begin to resent the fact that you left your cushy full time job. Instead, set a limit of eight hours for your working day, prioritize tasks and recognize some won’t be completed on time and head home without taking work with you. You must make time for hobbies, friends and social activities so that you can relax, switch off and recharge your batteries.


Be A Fair Boss


As an entrepreneur you may find yourself taking on new staff as your business grows. Their constant need for your time can be stressful and prevent you from implementing your business vision. Incessant emails about printer ink and photocopier paper need to be delegated to another member of staff. Don’t be the boss, HR bod, marketing supervisor and photocopying guru. Delegate tasks and learn to unburden yourself from stress by using your staff. They will be thankful for the extra responsibility and you can get on with more pressing tasks.


Managing stress at work can be difficult. However, by following these simple steps, you can banish the negative impact of stress and see your business go from strength to strength.

An Introvert’s Guide To A Career On the Road

There are many who thrive in an office environment. They love the water cooler gossip, the predictability of their job and the camaraderie of their colleagues. For the introvert, however, this may not be the best environment to grow and develop. Those who find social interaction difficult can feel alienated in this convivial environment. They may feel that they would work better given a little solitude without the distraction of workplace gossip or the feelings of awkwardness that ensue when they’re unable or unwilling to be part of the conversation. For the introvert, a life on the road may seem like a dream come true. They are allowed the solitude and time with their thoughts that they desperately crave while getting to see more of the country and use their skills on their own terms. Plus, for many driving allows an opportunity to order our thoughts and achieve a state of almost zen-like calm that is impossible to achieve in an office environment.



The good news is that as online shopping continues to boom and services like Uber can transform anyone with a car and a smartphone into a cab driver, there are more and more opportunities for skilled drivers with ambition who require flexibility to make good money doing something they enjoy. But there’s a universe of difference between driving as a commuter and driving as a professional. Here are some tips to prevent the change from being too jarring…


Master your emotions


It’s easy to over romanticize the notion of a life and career on the road. We envision wide, open stretches of road, lined with picturesque countryside and framed by a glowing sunset. Sure, you’ll have days like that… But you’ll also spend many sweaty hours stuck in traffic, running behind schedule and unable to do anything about it. For this reason it’s important to master your emotions. Driving angry can massively increase your risk of a collision, while overcompensating for running behind schedule can make you more reckless. Master your anger and your panic and your days will not only be much safer, they’ll be far more enjoyable.


Stay alert, stay safe!


Hazard perception is a basic tenet of good driving, but when you’re driving for many hours on end, it becomes all the more important. You will need to be alert at all times in order to perceive the hundreds of safety hazards that you’ll encounter every day. Truck drivers can be particularly hazardous and if you collide with one it is vital that you get legal advice immediately. Trucks not only represent a risk because of their vast size and load but because their drivers may be exhausted, having driven thousands of miles in the space of a day.


Diet is more important than ever


Driver fatigue is an extremely dangerous prospect, as such, it needs to be combated not only regular rest breaks but with the proper diet. Since you’ll spend most of your day sitting your diet is more important than ever not just in maintaining a healthy weight and good overall health but in ensuring that you’re alert and able to perceive hazards. Make sure that you drink plenty of water while on the road and eat as much fresh food as you can, especially veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. Avoid sugary processed foods as these will cause your energy levels to spike and dip erratically. The same goes for coffee too! Drink coffee sparingly or you will find that your energy levels and concentration plummet between lattes.


Stick to the above and your new career on the road will be enjoyable, rewarding and above all… Safe!



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